Concealed Carry while fishing
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Thread: Concealed Carry while fishing

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    Concealed Carry while fishing

    I never thought to add this, but last summer when I was fishing on a local pond in S.E. Michigan in a peat bog, I happened to look up towards the road and saw a SUV, with Mich State logo on its door, stop and sit there for a few minutes, I continued fishing and in a few minutes the officer opened the door and was looking at me. I waved and said hi and he said " I'm just trying to figure out who you are without comming down there". Well on that note I told him I'll come right up. I grabbed my tackle bag and headed through the cat tails and underbrush and finally got up to the road and his car. I immediately told him that I was CCing and put my tackle and rod on the ground and reached for my wallet. This turned out to be a Michigan Constable, and the first thing he said was "I dont need to see your ID, you were honest and told me you were carrying". He said that I was on private property and he just wanted to see who I was, He said his main concern was younger people drinking and smoking in the peat bog, he said if someone would start a fire carelessly smoking that it could burn underground uncontrolably for months. Well we talked for 45 minutes til it was getting dark shook hands and went on our way. This was my first and only encounter with LEO, since I've carring, and I am quite pleased to be able to offer another story of a favorable encounter with a LEO.

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    That was a good story. I was stopped for a License check, I showed my License and CWP and the State Patrolman was only interested in what kind of Gun I was carrying. I told him a SP101 and I went on Home. About a week later I asked my Girlfriend where the Registration for her Van was (in case I ever needed it). She couldn't find it and when we got where we were going I got out and looked at the Tag, it had been expired for 11 months. When we got Home that night (with her driving) she searched for about 2 hours and finally found the Tag sticker and Registration in the House.

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    I saw the title of the thread and thought you were gonna go into a story about shooting the fish instead of trying to get them to take the bait and swallow the hook.

    Glad it worked out for you. Not all LEOs have it in their heads that only they need to be armed.
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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