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Thread: Baltimore LEO's kill plain clothes LEO

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    Another article stated he entered a fracas between two civilians and shot one of them (the 22 year old.) Who was unarmed by the way. I don't think the arriving officers were negligent. They happened on an armed man in civilian clothes who was firing at a bunch of unarmed civilians. Badge was probably hidden from their line of sight. Their immediate concern was to put him down before he shot any more people. I don't know situation that precipitated first shooting but the arriving officers probably handled it the best they could with what was before them at the time. Tragic circumstance all around, but too early in the information flow to put any blame on anybody.
    Please post a link to that article, if he shot an unarmed female that would change things However, you did not provide a source for this information, or mention the author/publisher, which makes it pure speculation, at this point...

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    He was being attacked by a large group of people, he unholstered his weapon in an attempt to defend himself. That makes him appear like a ''scumbag'' (Sic)?
    How many undercover drug cops do you know? Many who do undercover work are unshaven and in dirty or torn and dirty clothes wearing baseball caps backwards. It is part of their cover. Met another one at the gun shop last week.

    But as the undercover cop was not pointing his gun at them, they may face charges for failure to identify the fact that he was the undercover cop on scene. The dispatcher(s) and tapes will also have to be looked at. Did they fail to advise the uniformed officers that there was a UC cop on scene?

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    How many undercover drug cops do you know? Many who do undercover work are unshaven and in dirty or torn and dirty clothes wearing baseball caps backwards. It is part of their cover. Met another one at the gun shop last week [sic].?
    What's your point? Does it make you a criminal who deserves to be executed, if you dress a certain way or forget to shave? According to this logic one who wears a baseball cap backwards, or has a five O' clock shadow, does not encompass the right to bear arms, and deserves the death sentence!

  5. It's true that if he was at work there is the possibility his dispatch didn't know or had not been informed as to his location and his activities or investigation that he was or could have possibly been involved in. I am not sure how things operate up there. I have a friend that works in a part of Texas where corruption is prevelant and usually the local law enforcement dispatch has no information as far as what is going on just because of past experience with local law enforcement ''tipping off'' the bad guys. Sad to say but it happens, although more prevelent in border towns, I wouldn't expect that as being the case in a larger city.

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    Baltimore Officer

    This has been an interesting thread. There are several assignments in law enforcement where the dispatchers may not know where non uniform officers are located. I do not want to get too deep in that subject. For a number of years in my police career I was in old clothes assignments and was the commander of a deep cover unit.

    There were procedures in place to assure as much safety as possible for the officers involved. At the same time the officers have to maintain their cover identity even when off duty.

    In these types of assignments threats are made, some are serious and some are not real.

    We live in an era where we have several cultures melting together. I watch the news (Normally fair and balanced) and really find it so unbelieveable the amount of deaths that are occurring as cultures clash.

    Sometime in the future, if it is possible, we will learn the exact details of the unfortunate death of the Baltimore Officer. These investigations can be very complex and time consuming. Items that may appear visible on the surface may not be all of the story.

    I for one will not assign blame on the part of the officer or the police administration as I am sure that the candles are burning late at night as this tragic event unfolds.

    My prayers are with all of the people who have sworn to protect the citizens of the United States locally, regionally and nation wide.

    Pat Olvey
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