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Thread: Rookie Questions on Concealed Carry

  1. The Browning is a high quality pistol depending on where made. The older Belgium made Brownings are superb firearms. I think it was late 1990s not sure but Browning moved manufacturing to S. America. I can say most prefer the Belgium made. Their profile is thin compared to a full size 1911 and with the correct holster and clothes is very concealable.

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    ccw firearms

    I have been carrying a firearm in a ccw fashion for amost 47 years, obviously as a police officer.

    I have tried everything possible. My final decision and I use this in ccw and police training classes is----- Buy a Smith and Wesson 340 or 642 or some other brand of the smith models being sure you have a concealed hammer.

    Try wearing a belly band style holster (band no wider than 4 inches - I have them made to my specs by an Amish Family).

    The hammerless style guarentees that you can remove the pistol from the belly band or even pocket holster without it snagging on clothing.

    The most important part of choosing a revolver over a semi auto is that you are guarenteed 5 shots from the revolver and one shot from the semi (in case you carry one in the chamber) and from there on your semi can malfunction.

    Enough of that-regarding the ammo, I use it on occassion and have had no problems with it. Remember though Russian ammo is more powerful than commerical target ammo made in the United States.

    Pat Olvey
    email [email protected] or [email protected]

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