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    Extended mag release issue

    Hello all, still pretty new to the whole CCW. I took the NYS 47 hour firearms course to become an armed security guard, and for it I wanted an extended magazine release on my Glock 22rtf. The extension works great and I really like it, but I use a Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe for concealed carry.

    When I bend or move certain ways, the leather that protects my shirt/ protects the gun from body oils presses the mag release. It also catches on said piece, making reholstering a bit less smooth. I could easily get the old release put back in, but I like the extended one. I could also have crossbreed remove the excess leather, but the rough textured frame is hell on shirts and skin.

    Could be just a sign that I need to lose some weight (working on it), but I was wondering if anybody had any experiences like this or possible advice on the subject. Thanks.

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    I had the same problem several years ago. I switched back to factory release and found out I liked it better in the long run.
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    I've had a similar problem. First I contoured the Glock OEM extended release, but it still extends too far. I replaced it with a Vickers Tactical mag release and a new spring and it solved the problem.
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