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Thread: Have Massachusetts License to Carry Permit then moved to Missouri. Can I carry?

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    3. To apply for a Missouri permit you must take the training first. Does not matter how much training you had in the past, if you did not have the Missouri training, then you must take it before applying for a Missouri permit. (The reason the Missouri Training is necessary is that we cover the Missouri Weaopns (RSMo 571) and Defense of Justification (RSMo. 563) laws in our training courses. You did not receive that specific training in Mass.

    That's not how I read the law.

    Firearms training requirements--safety instructor requirements--penalty for violations.

    571.111. 1. An applicant for a concealed carry endorsement shall demonstrate knowledge of firearms safety training. This requirement shall be fully satisfied if the applicant for a concealed carry endorsement:

    (2) Submits a photocopy of a certificate that shows the applicant completed a firearms safety course given by or under the supervision of any state, county, municipal, or federal law enforcement agency; or
    Doesn't say MUST be done in MO.

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    Missour Statute Requirements...

    This is taken from the Missouri Revised Statutes:

    2. A certificate of firearms safety training course completion may be issued to any applicant by any qualified firearms safety instructor. On the certificate of course completion the qualified firearms safety instructor shall affirm that the individual receiving instruction has taken and passed a firearms safety course of at least eight hours in length taught by the instructor that included:

    (1) Handgun safety in the classroom, at home, on the firing range and while carrying the firearm;

    (2) A physical demonstration performed by the applicant that demonstrated his or her ability to safely load and unload a revolver and a semiautomatic pistol and demonstrated his or her marksmanship with both;

    (3) The basic principles of marksmanship;

    (4) Care and cleaning of concealable firearms;

    (5) Safe storage of firearms at home;

    (6) The requirements of this state for obtaining a certificate of qualification for a concealed carry endorsement from the sheriff of the individual's county of residence and a concealed carry endorsement issued by the department of revenue;

    (7) The laws relating to firearms as prescribed in this chapter;

    (8) The laws relating to the justifiable use of force as prescribed in chapter 563;

    (9) A live firing exercise of sufficient duration for each applicant to fire a handgun, from a standing position or its equivalent, a minimum of fifty rounds at a distance of seven yards from a B-27 silhouette target or an equivalent target;

    (10) A live fire test administered to the applicant while the instructor was present of twenty rounds from a standing position or its equivalent at a distance from a B-27 silhouette target, or an equivalent target, of seven yards.
    You cannot get "compliance" with subsection (8) to Missouri Revised Statutes from a class in MA! He MAY not have to retake the class, that is why he should go to the local Sheriff's Office to ensure that he is compliant with the law. It is only prudent for him to do so.

    As I said in my PM to you, "In MY opinion, we should not have to ask the permission of any government (local, state or federal) in order to exercise our GOD GIVEN right to Keep and Bear Arms." But until we have "Proven" that through a Supreme Court Case, we still have to comply with the law as it is being enforced.

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