Which Concealed Carry (CC) permit is my best option?
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Thread: Which Concealed Carry (CC) permit is my best option?

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    Which Concealed Carry (CC) permit is my best option?

    Hello. First off, please allow me to apologize for lack of doing my own homework. I'm currently doing time on a year hitch in Iraq, and my internet connection is agonizingly slow, making it very difficult to do much 'net surfing on my own.

    I am a KS resident.

    Here is my position, perhaps y'all could help me find the best solution. When I am Stateside, I travel the States working aviation. So, I need a CCW that will cover me in the Lower 48. If that means a non-resident CCW of more than one state, then obviously the fewer states, the better. I'd like to do this while in Iraq, so, out of the non-resident states, do any of them allow obtaining a CCW for military members without the class? I've no way to take it here. My goal is to have my CCW permit by the time I rotate back Stateside.

    Again, I apologize for not really being able to do my own homework, and thanks for your assistance.


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    Wow, great question. Surprised no one has replied.

    Count Missouri out since we do not issue non-resident permits.

    My advice would be start with a Florida permit. You toughest obstacle will be getting Florida or any other state the finger print card.

    As for what OOS permit covers the most states, good question. You will not be covered in 2 of the 48 for sure (Illinois and Wisconsin) since they do not issue CCW permits to date. There are other states (like California) where your permit will not be good. Best place to look is:


    Best of luck on your search and thank you for serving.

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    Utah and Florida combination have the best coverage. You will need a resident licence if you want reciprocity with Michigan. The finger print cards are an isssue. You can order finger print cards from Florida. Utah will accept the Florida finger print cards. Applications and rules can be download from both places. I live in Wisconsin and if things go well, we will have CCW before the year is out.

    Good Luck and Thanks for your service!


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    Thank you for your service and best of luck!

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    Many of the NorthEast and New England states do not honor other states' permits.

    MD, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA...then as mentioned CA on the West Coast...and the issue..or No Issue...of WI and IL.

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    Disregard Alabama

    My home state is Alabama and after moving, I contacted the local Sheriff and was told that since I do not have a home in Alabama, I was unable to obtain a CCW from there.

  8. An Utah permit with your Kansas one covers a lot of states.
    From there maybe a PA or NH permit. Use the permit maps link at the top of the home page. Refresh in between checks for searches. Any other permits could be applied for when needed.
    Thanks for your service.

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