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View Poll Results: What is your favorite Concealed Weapon Handgun Caliber?

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  • .22

    19 1.04%
  • .32

    18 0.99%
  • .357

    56 3.07%
  • .38 Special

    98 5.38%
  • .380

    240 13.17%
  • .40 S&W

    446 24.48%
  • .41 Magnum

    2 0.11%
  • .45 ACP

    425 23.33%
  • 9mm

    729 40.01%
  • 10mm

    16 0.88%
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Thread: What's The Most Popular Concealed Weapon Handgun Caliber?

  1. As for me... I enjoy the lighter side of life. My choice for carry is my 9mm or 380. I love my 45 but its a bit bulky and noticeable..380 fits like a charm in my back pocket and my 9mm fits comfortably tucked in my waist.

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    My EDC is a Taurus PT111 Mil. Pro 2nd Gen. 9mm and a Kel-Tec P3AT 2nd Gen. in 380 with extra mags.


  4. most popular CCW

    I prefer the Springfield XD40 Service model. If you are looking for a smaller frame, the sub compact XD or even smaller i like the Kimber Solo

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    I prefer 45 ACP; however, I have no problem with either the 357 Magnum or 9mm(+P+) chamberings that I, also, use.

  6. I have been carrying a Kel-Tec PF9 and really like it. I forget it is there most of the time. I just purchased a Rossi 357 but haven't got a iwb hoster for it yet.

  7. I have (2) .45'a , (1) .357 mag revolver , (1) .357 sig ....

  8. .380 in the crossdraw one in the chamber 16 backup.

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    anyone know of a good instructor in Cleveland, Ohio area for concealed carry? i have a group of about 5 looking for a good class.

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    I carry a Ruger lC9 in. Crossbreed mini tuck. Just right for me

  11. I have been looking at the Ruger LC9 as a CCW, any opinions from anyone? I have shot it a couple of times at the range, but I am used to shooting a P90 and P95, it is so small but I need something easy to conceal.
    I had the salesman at the gun shop pushing the Kahr CM9, I like the price of the Ruger, but I want something I can depend on every time it shoots. I have put 1000+ rounds in each of my other 2 Rugers 45 & 9 without one failure, so I am sold on the Ruger semis.
    Appreciate any info and opinion.

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