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View Poll Results: What is your favorite Concealed Weapon Handgun Caliber?

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  • .22

    19 1.04%
  • .32

    18 0.99%
  • .357

    56 3.07%
  • .38 Special

    98 5.38%
  • .380

    240 13.17%
  • .40 S&W

    446 24.48%
  • .41 Magnum

    2 0.11%
  • .45 ACP

    425 23.33%
  • 9mm

    729 40.01%
  • 10mm

    16 0.88%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What's The Most Popular Concealed Weapon Handgun Caliber?

  1. I bought a Sig P220 Carry in .45ACP but found it still too bulky for easy carry. I ended up wearing a S&W 642 38 Special +P in the pocket. I'm considering switching to a 9mm for the extra rounds available, but I do love that little J frame.

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    I go with .380, .40 S&W &, .45ACP. Not necessarily in that order... ;-)

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    For many reasons, easy to reload, long case live, is a known man stopper

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    I always have my LCP. My Para LDA 1911 is my favorite pistol that I carry when practical.

  6. Id say it really depends on body size and clothing worn. For bigger people or those who wear heavier clothers can carry larger calibers and guns. For me I can more easily conceal a sub compact xd9, and easier concealment means I carry more, which is whats most important in my opinions.

  7. 9mm; Kahr CW9. Thin enough for carry in the hot Southeast.

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    My faves are the snubby .38+p around the ankle (real men don't wear shorts) and my old friend the FNP9 that also willingly and reliably takes +p hollow points with a stock supply of 18.
    I'm getting a FNP 5.7x28 as a switch out for the summer months for reduced weight and 21 rounds stock on board of some very nasty tumbling, flesh ripping deep penetrating rounds.
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    Poll result pretty much as expected.
    My choice for everyday carry is 180gr Winchester PDX in .40 S&W (provides velocity and consistant expansion). Am considering going to 165gr to get higher velocity.
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  10. I voted 9mm, because I figured it was the most popular. Personally I carry a .380 when I need a small frame, and my .40 when I can conceal my XD effectively. If I attend an open carry meetup, I rock my FNP-45. lol.

  11. I have a 40 xdm but its a bit bulky to carry. I love the new springfield xd-s but so far its only in a 45. i personally like to have a 40. cal

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