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  • .22

    19 1.04%
  • .32

    18 0.99%
  • .357

    56 3.07%
  • .38 Special

    98 5.38%
  • .380

    240 13.17%
  • .40 S&W

    446 24.48%
  • .41 Magnum

    2 0.11%
  • .45 ACP

    425 23.33%
  • 9mm

    729 40.01%
  • 10mm

    16 0.88%
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Thread: What's The Most Popular Concealed Weapon Handgun Caliber?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketgeezer View Post
    Good choice, but untill I get a couple of hundred more rds though my currint 1911 carry I'l have a Glock along with it
    Update, my new Colt Defender cirrintly has aprox 400 rds though it now, its about 98%, with the ocasional FTF from a weak grip, if you grip the gun with authority, and not limp wrist it, it runs like a clock

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    I just took some friends to my range as guests. A match had just finished and the knock down steel Silhouettes timed for .45 were still up so we had fun knocking them down. My guests all had 9mm and the targets just rocked when they hit them. They said what do the guys do that use 9mm, don't some of you use 9mm? I said double tap and they will go down. One guy hit one three times in the belly area but not fast enough for a knock down. After a while they got the hang of it and started knocking them all down. I let them use my .45 and they really appreciated how fast the targets went down. Then I ran the course with one of their 9's and knocked them all down with one hit each. The said how did you do that? I said simple leverage notice I hit them all in the head. I carry both 9mm and .45 either one is fine as long as you can shoot straight when you have too. I can tell you from experience however that the adrenaline pump will almost always give you tunnel vision if the bad guy gets the jump on you then you will start wondering if you hit anything at all. Then the same problem arises spraying and praying vs getting the first hit with that big fat slug so maybe you will have a little time for that follow up shot or two. I always feel more comfortable with the .45 but can't always fit it into the dress code, still feel better with the 9mm then not having.

    I almost bought it once going against 3 BG's with Glocks but the .45 was an old friend at it came out faster then theirs could get into action. As you all probably know the Glock is a very simple gun with no safety to snap off, but you have to have it in your hand to use it and they were not going to make, I did including the snap off. The speed that the 1911 came to hand and the fact that I knew how to use it was an obvious wordless comment that at least one of them wasn't going to make it, and they ran, BG's generally don't have any valor they are predators going against the sick and the weak. I was well blessed that day nobody died because I didn't have to. I beat the adrenalin pump that time and would have put one in each of them center of chest right through the sternum, if it stayed on line at least the center one would have lost his spine too. That still doesn't mean I would have lived dieing men have killed lots of people. I would have opened up if one of them had kept moving towards the gun.

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    FNX (FNP Belgium made) .45 cal. Not the smallest gun but for the average sized man it is easily concealable. I carry mine in an outside the belt rt. side leather holster. This one of the smoothest, lightest recoil .45 cal. you will ever shoot. I have painful osteoarthritis that has made me sell every .45 that I have ever tried due to harsh recoil. Then after I picked up the FN Herstal 308 with long competition bull barrel for hunting and competition shooting I nearly had a divine experience after the first experience of shooting. So I got the FNP-9 competition, .40 of the same and finally I rented the .45 to see if it would be possible for me to handle the recoil. Smooth, deadly accurate as their competition model. Once you have gone down this particular rabbit trail, you can't do without the 5.7x28 PS90 and pistol of same caliber with the relative ballistic tissue damage as the .45 cal. They are fun and smooth shooting, nearly no recoil hyper-speed bullets that make a whole confidence booster for the home defender that wants a weapon of good penetration and tumbling and shock value to the internal tissues that make the kill shot fast, controllable and a very worthwhile home and personal defense weapon as well as able to hold 51 and 21 rounds respectively.

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    I have to go with the 9mm.

  6. The .45 is a proven man stopper I'm sure, as for steel targets they are smoke and mirrors. There is no real Superman (man of steel) therefore ANY bullet fired will go into a human being. I carry a .380 at time and 9mm at other times. Enough for me to feel secure and safe.

  7. 40 s&w is what I carry

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    I found that the 9mm allows me to quickly get back on target after the first shot. I used to carry a .40 but my second shot was considerably off target. I also like the capacity. I carry 31 rounds with two mags and one in the chamber.

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    I love my .45 but it's a beast to carry. When conceal-ability becomes too tricky (which is nearly always) I carry my LCP. When I can carry the .45, I put it in a Blackhawk Sportster Serpa or an around-the-chest elastic holster (which is really comfy but looks silly when you're getting dressed). The LCP rides in either a pocket holster or the Tagua 'middle-of-the-back' holster (worn at about 4 o:clock). I also carry another .380 as a backup for both options.
    Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands. ~Col. Jeff Cooper

  10. Daily carry a H&K P2000sk .40
    When situation requires a Ruger LCP .380
    Bedside and occasional carry H&K HK45 - my favorite shooting gun

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    Well I was going to mark down 40 S&W but you ask what my favorite carry caliber is.

    Yes it's the 45 ACP.

    I carryed a 1911 C&L for some time.

    Then I went to a S&W M&P 40 fullsize, then to a S&W M&P 40 Compact.

    I just bought a Ruger LC9 to try even though I'm not a big fan of the 9mm.
    That round has come a long way in recent years just like the 380 has though.

    I more went to the LC9 because of the weight issue of the 1911 & S&W,
    I've had cancer and my back is blown out in 5 areas so carrying weight tends to be a PITA (literly).

    So I'm going to try out the LC9..............
    "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway" John Wayne

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