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View Poll Results: What is your favorite Concealed Weapon Handgun Caliber?

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  • .22

    19 1.04%
  • .32

    18 0.99%
  • .357

    56 3.07%
  • .38 Special

    98 5.38%
  • .380

    240 13.17%
  • .40 S&W

    446 24.48%
  • .41 Magnum

    2 0.11%
  • .45 ACP

    425 23.33%
  • 9mm

    729 40.01%
  • 10mm

    16 0.88%
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Thread: What's The Most Popular Concealed Weapon Handgun Caliber?

  1. I also believe the .380 is a decent carry gun. There is some real nice defensive ammo for the .380 now.

    But the most popular caliber is the one you carry that saves your life when you need it. We have actually made guns into more of a game than they need to be. ANY gun can kill you with accurate shot placement.

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    I agree with cluznar, any gun thaat you carry on a regular basis is a good gun. We have said this over and over and still come up with the same answer. Some people have this my gun is bigger than your gun syndrom when it is completly unnecessary. When it comes down to it a 380 in your hand is a darn fine weapon if thats all you have.

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    I had a Charter Arms .40 but didn't like the trigger on it so I traded it for a Mossberg 590 12 gauge shotgun and bought a Smith and Wesson .40 Shield for my carry gun. Couldn't be happier with both new guns.
    A gun is a tool, no better, no worse than any other tool. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peregrine Falcon View Post
    I've had the gun for a little over a year now and other than unloading during practice I've kept both mags loaded most of the time. Hasn't caused me any issues yet. If anyone here thinks I should unload them to give them a break for a bit I'll listen to that (well aware I still have a lot to learn).

    I keep it loaded for home defense (only handgun right now) so one mag will always be loaded up and ready to go but I can let the spare rest. I doubt I'll need all 34 rounds for home defense or anything else for that matter.
    I am a retired fed. I have five mags for my S&W 5904. The newest mags have been loade for ten years and the oldest have been loaded for twelve years. The gun/mags were in storage for ten years due to an overseas assignment and lengthy recovery from an illness I developed there. For the last eight months I've been to the range on average of twice a week, shooting at least three mags. All mags have functioned flawlessly. I have heard the problem with springs comes from the flexing they do when you are shooting. bTW, I am burning up ammo that is between 10-20 years old and the ammo functions fine, too. At some point I will need to replace the mag springs, but they are still going strong.

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    Wow, that has to tell you something. Springs and ammo both are made to last for a while!

  7. NRA Membership

    Where does one find all of the categories of membership such as the $10 Ambassador NRA membership? It seems as if only the full priced memberships are given prominence on their website.

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    I like the concealability of the .380 and the .32, especially in the summer.

  9. For me right now it is 9mm. 124 gr.

  10. I love my 9mm. I am most efficient with it so that is what I carry

  11. .40 is the one that I usually carry.

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