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  • .22

    19 1.04%
  • .32

    18 0.99%
  • .357

    56 3.07%
  • .38 Special

    98 5.38%
  • .380

    240 13.17%
  • .40 S&W

    446 24.48%
  • .41 Magnum

    2 0.11%
  • .45 ACP

    425 23.33%
  • 9mm

    729 40.01%
  • 10mm

    16 0.88%
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Thread: What's The Most Popular Concealed Weapon Handgun Caliber?

  1. I really like the accuracy and easy handling characteristics of my 9mm Beretta PX4 Storm compact.

  3. That's good to know. I'll have to test that out. The gun store I goto does try before you buy. I'll have to test a bunch out. I only tested a few last time. There's no limit on testing. You just have to buy the ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohio pat View Post
    In my 53 years in law enforcement and currently remaining a Ohio State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor and NRA firearms instructor I stress the point of "if a firearm is too heavy to carry all the time, then you have the wrong firearm."

    My every day carry handgun is the smith and wesson model 340PD, If you are not familiar with it, please do a google search for it, if you wonder if my statements come from a person with credentials that are real, please google me.


    Im guessing, because you quoted me, you are talking to me.... While I initially thank you for your input. Do you really think you are going to strongly stress, that my choice might be the wrong choice? After 50 years of combined combat action, and continued civilian carry, that after all these years, and the thousands of round that I have fired for both competition and qualification, that at this point in my life, with money not being a concern, that I would choose a bucket list weapon, that was not the absolute best advantage for me..." FOR ME "... my choice, not what some guy on an internet forum, who does not know me, nor my qualifications, or my ability to handle the weapon, , and then be so condescending as to suggest that someone he does not know might be carrying the wrong weapon. You might suggest that to a guy looking for " Help " to choose a weapon. I did not come here looking for help, I came here to share 70 years of my life experiences, which include 52 years of weapons experience, combat actions, and civilian carry.
    I've been doing this a very long time as well. Kimber Ultra Carry II 45 ACP ( combat defense package ) 25 oz. 4.5 actual trigger pull.


    Caliber: .45 ACP
    Height (inches) 90 to barrel: 4.75
    Weight (ounces) with empty magazine: 25
    Length (inches): 6.8
    Magazine capacity: 7
    Ambidextrous thumb safety
    Carry melt
    Recoil spring (pounds): 18.0
    Full-length guide rod


    Material: Aluminum
    Finish: Matte black
    KimPro II™ frame finish
    Width (inches): 1.28
    Front strap checkering
    Checkering under trigger guard


    Material: Stainless steel
    Finish: Satin silver


    Length (inches): 3
    Material: Steel, match grade
    Twist rate (left hand): 16


    Meprolight Tritium 3-dot night sight, fixed
    Radius (inches): 4.8


    Double diamond
    Crimson Trace Laser grips
    Kimber logo

    Premium aluminum, match grade
    Factory setting (approximate pounds): 4.0 - 5.0

  5. I have the M&P Shield 9mm. Very accurate and easy to shoot and control. Low recoil. I go to get my concealed carry permit the 24th at the range I go to. I will use the Shield as my carry weapon. I also have a 22 target pistol, and a Smith and Wesson 32 that was my grandfather and my dad's. Never shot it but I know my dad shot it when he was alive. For home defence, a 12 ga. shotgun pump. Just hope I never have to use any of them.

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    .45, 9mm, .22

    I've carried lots of firearms over the 40+ yrs that I've been carrying. .45, 9mm, .22; although also .32. Am contemplating a Sig P938...that's the next pistol for me. Might also be a backup...
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  8. I'm quite happy with my Sig 290RS. Shoots well - the only weakness is the guy holding the weapon - conceals well and recoil is fine with the 9mm.

  9. 9mm baby!

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    I carry both 9mm and .45....depends on my mood that day...

  11. New to this forum...
    Also new to CCW...
    Have a S&W 9mm semi and Ruger .357 revolver...
    I voted 9MM but am currently looking for something a little smaller to IWC. Shot a G26 last weekend but still looking.

    Answers are all over the place? Kind of like the Ford/ Chevy/Dodge truck preference...

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