Best In Waist Band (IWB) Holster for Concealed Carry For HeavySet People
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Thread: Best In Waist Band (IWB) Holster for Concealed Carry For HeavySet People

  1. Question Best In Waist Band (IWB) Holster for Concealed Carry For HeavySet People

    I am wondering what are the best options for iwb carry for heavyset individuals.

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    I'm not heavy set, but perhaps have a few extra pounds that seem to like being located around my midsection. 6', 230-235lbs

    I chose the CrossBreed SuperTuck and found that one to be really comfortable for me.

    Crossbreed Holsters > Home

    I also took a chance and tried a IWB design by Garry Brommeland and found it worked for me. It was about 2 times the cost of the CrossBreed, but I really liked the comfort and fit.

    High Performance Concealment Systems for the Professional
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  4. I just bought a Kholster Kholster

    I can't testify personally about it, but being a big guy myself, I've asked a lot of folks on forums, etc. and the ones who have it and are big too love theirs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NewLife2626 View Post
    I am wondering what are the best options for iwb carry for heavyset individuals.
    I have the Kholster. I trimmed it to fit the profile of my S&W Sigma, stained it black. I really like it. I'm 6'2", 290lbs and it works great. I do wear suspenders as my Sigma is fairly heavy with a full mag and I carry my weight above the waist... ie, no butt to hold my pants up.

    Everyone that uses the CrossBreed swears by them as well so you'd do well with either. I got my Kholster during a sale which was $39.99 including shipping. It comes with many holes for adjustment of angle and depth.

    Both come with a lifetime guarantee as well.

    Whether CrossBreed or Kholster, you'll have a bit of an adjustment time, getting used to getting the holster into position without having your pants hit the floor, etc. but you'll get a routine down. Good luck.

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    im a heavy set guy at 6'2 260 lbs and i wear a crossbreed supertuck with just a belt for my xd- sub .40 with no issues. depending on where you live you might want to look into the horsehide option. ( high humidity states apply here)

    i love mine. best investment for my carry gun ive made so far. takes a little breaking in, but it can be done. same goes for placement of the holster.

    best of luck.

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    I have two Crossbreed supertucks, I weight 250 now but was 285, I carry two different full size Glocks a 21 & 22, the other one for my Sig Sauer 230. Super comfortable for all day carry and concealment is excellent.

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    I am glad to see the positive responses on the Crossbreed Super Tuck. I ordered one a couple of weeks ago and it should be delivered next week. I am BIG and I will be using a belt to support the holster as well as suspenders.

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    Crossbreed supertuck

    I heartily recommend a belt from crossbreed for proper support of your holster, it well worth the money. Mine is 1/4 inch thick and supports the holster while drawing and re-holstering.


  10. Thumbs up IWB Holster for heavy people

    You might want to check out Ace Case from Cheaper Than
    It rides very low inside the waist and is all leather, very affordable, and if you order the one for the side opposite you normally carry, it works fantastic as a small of the back holster.

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    I have and use 3 Crossbreed SuperTucks. One is for a Springfield XD40SC or XD45, one is for a Ruger SP101 and one is for a Ruger P90 .45ACP. Of course I have the required "box of holsters" most have that rarely get used.
    Great holsters and very comfortable all day. I chose horsehide due to heat/humidity.
    Good luck with your decision.

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