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Thread: Who Knows you carry, and another ?? WWYD

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    If one person knows everyone knows[/QUOTE]

    Exactly my point, it's not that I "care" that family/friends know, but they tend to announce it as though it's "cool" or VERY uncool and in some situations you never know who is listening, perhaps potential BG now he knows who to cap first....Or the anti gunner that now wants to debate the subject ALL night and ruin my fun...

    So the fewer the better, the Ruger LCP makes this task even better by not being able to know it there one bit

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    There are only two places that I have not carried a concealed weapon. One is the church I attend and one place is the college book store that has a legal do not carry sign on the front door. Of course no one can carry concealed on a college campus unless you are active law enforcement. Other than that I carry everywhere I go. As for advertising that I carry I do not. I figure that it is no one's business unless there is a specific need to know. I actually have a friend of mine that knows I carry and he thinks that I am a paranoid nut job. He says it is disturbing that I carry a weapon and he thinks the government should ban handguns period. His logic is that if all the handguns were confiscated then no violent crimes would happen. As if all the criminals out there would decide to give up their weapons too. NOT

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiefpropellerhead View Post
    There are only two places that I have not carried a concealed weapon. One is the church I attend
    Why not?
    See, it's mumbo jumbo like that and skinny little lizards like you thinking they the last dragon that gives Kung Fu a bad name.
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    Immediate Family Only

    Immediate Family Only knows that I have carry permit and carry. When I go to anyones home that may be antigun I carry anyway. I carry 24-7. I would not want someone to get upset with me and call police and lie on me about my gun.
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    All family and close friends know that I am frequently packing.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Daven View Post
    I guess there are more questions than the one...

    OK, so the general question is, Who Know's you carry? How often does your circumstances edit how you do?

    Like, if you are going to friends house for dinner, and they are anit-gun, (if you know any of those) Do you not carry? leave it in the car?
    Carry what?

    Seriously, all of my family and most of my friends already know that I have a concealed carry permit and I carry regularly. They don't know for certain what, where or even if I am carrying a gun at any particular moment but they can usually make a pretty educated guess.

    I've ran into the 'issue' with folks that aren't comfortable with my carrying a gun in their house and I found it very easy to settle.

    It's THEIR house and that means THEIR rules. If I go to dinner at their home, I don't carry a gun into their house because that is their wish. Now, what's in my truck is none of their business because my truck is NOT their house.

    Now, if they decide to come to MY house the rules change completely. I respected their wishes in THEIR house and I expect- no demand- that they reciprocate. When we are in MY house, we play by MY rules and if I decide to have Mr. Smith and his half dozen favorite little friends ride along on my hip while in MY house, they can learn to deal with it or get up and leave.

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    My wife and daughter know and so does my best bud. I carry everywhere it is legal. I do not inform anyone I'm with. If it were my father, I would honor his wishes in his home but I would carry my weapon, even in his presence, everywhere else.
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    Thanks everyone. I do honor my father and don't carry at his home, but do everywhere else that it is legal.

    I went to the auction I wrote about in my original post and amazingly enough, my handgun did not shoot anyone. Shocker.

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    That is so weird Daven, I took a 1600 mile trip to Florida while CCing and my gun didnt kill anyone either. How strange is that?!

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    Hello all, I carry everywhere its legal. Only my wife and kids know I carry (wife has a CCW as well). I do not advertise because it is not anyone’s business, also my advantage IF the occasion ever comes up. If going to a friend’s house (my friends are like-minded) I carry. At church I am part of the security team and we all have an identifiable item (all the same and is issued to us by the head of the security for the church) on us to show we are carrying. However, the rest of congregation is unaware of it. Hope that helps.

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