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Thread: Who Knows you carry, and another ?? WWYD

  1. Quote Originally Posted by ClearSightTactical View Post
    What kind of holster do you use? For your wife to not know is pretty incredible, IMO.

    As far as people knowing about me being CCW, several close friends, my wife, and that's it. If anyone ever told me I couldn't carry in their home I'd respect their decision and not enter their home.

    I can't say for sure, but would gather that people (non-police) would ask if you're carrying a gun for 3 reasons.

    1. Curiousity/Friendly conversation
    2. To start a debate
    3. Because you are both in a crap situation and want to know what their chances are of getting out.
    I too am wondering how you carry and your wife does not know. Whether in my coat pocket, IWB or OWB if she puts her arm around me, she can feel it. I remember the 1st time she noticed it IWB, we were walking through a mall and she put her arm around my waist. She gave me a bump and asked why I have my gun. I said why not and end of conversation.

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    Who knows I carry?

    Friends, Family members. Any one in Mississippi public that looks at my right hip.

    Mississippi law is weird, Pistol out of sight or in plain view in a hip holster is still concealed. (crazy right)

    I wear my shirts untucked, trying to keep out of public view. but don't worry about imprinting or shirt lifting up.

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    My girlfriend knows I have my LTCF but doesn't ask if I am, very rarely in public is it visible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    Why not?
    I may be able to partially answer, or at least take a BWAG at that question.

    In South Carolina, you can only carry in a church with permission;

    23-31-215 (M) - A permit issued pursuant to this section does not authorize a permit holder to carry a concealable weapon into a:
    (9) - church or other established religious sanctuary unless express permission is given by the appropriate church official or governing body; or

    S.C. Code of Laws Title 23 Chapter 31 Firearms - www.scstatehouse.gov-LPITS

    My guess is he's too bashful to ask.


    Me, I carry everywhere* and don't care who knows. I'm not looking for the imaginary "tactical advantage". In SC all you have to do is have the weapon "hidden from public view in normal wear of clothing ". That's a fancy way of saying printing is okay. It's even okay if it becomes temporarily exposed, for example if the wind blows up your cover garment or if you reach up on the top shelf at the grocery store and your piece peeks out. Oopsie!

    I understand that in some states any hint that you're carrying is against the law. But in places where it isn't illegal, how are we supposed to start a dialog so we can educate others if they don't know (and have no way of finding out) that good citizens all around them are carrying a self defense weapon?

    I thought the only reason to hide something was because you're ashamed of it. Think about it.

    * Everywhere I can legally. I always follow the law. Well, usually...
    "I believe we should achieve a national standard on gun control, and that standard should be none whatsoever."

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    Sorry if I repeat. Many people know I have a CCWP. No one knows when I actually CC. My wife will accept my firearm fascination but I am sure she would object if she knew when I actually CC. I am not a 24/7 CC but "pick my spots" for same--usually in car, at night, not local places. Either carry a pocket kel-tec 380 or a 38 J frame in a silver dollar pancake which is very firm against my body--no one has a clue on either.

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    where to carry

    I carry all the time, I use either a pocket holster or belly band. Neither one advertises I am armed.
    If you are armed and you are going to a house of an anti-gun family you take a great chance by removing the firearm from your body and locking it in the car. You leaving it in the car is real bad, carrying it on your person undetected is real good.

    Pat Olvey
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