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    Hate to see this, and one of the reasons I keep mine gun ON me. The man had it in his jacket and moved the jacket. The gun fell out and discharged. Bet now he won't consider it a pain in the butt to have it IWB. lol


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    There will always be a Plaxico Burris and idiots like him. I am sure forum members can tell you about hundreds of incidents where firearm owners, both CC and non CC, have conducted themselves in the most unbelievable manner with a firearm in their hand or on their person.

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    Oh geez. Incidents like this embolden the resolve of the anti-gun/increased regulation lobby. I think it is justifiable to be severely critical of this guy even so. Someone could have been killed or maimed for life. Accident it may have been, but accidents often are the consequence of carelessness and there can be no carelessness with guns. End of.

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    The weapon owner will likely not face charges?

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    The Police didn't file charges I bet the lady will Sue's and she should.

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    The ignorant and the careless just give the firearm community a bad rap! Responsibility and education will only better our fight against the gun grabbers. The news media love to get their hands on stories like this!

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    Mr needs to learn to either A get a level 2 retention holster, or B carry IWB something with a little more tention. Thank god noone was seriously injured.
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    The other point of course is never carry anything loose like that that CAN fire if it falls with a round in the chamber. Either chamber empty or a design that automatically protects from a shock induced discharge. Only 2 rational decisions.

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    Yea, I hate stuff like this. He should get his head out of his butt, or we will all pay the price with our rights.

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    For there to be no charges I am left wondering if he was a Leo or government official. The bullet hit someone so I am sure that there is a charge that could be filed. If nothing else take away his ccw till he completes a safety class on how to handle your gun and the proper way to carry one. While I don't want to take away his right to defend himself I do not want him to injury himself or others and the only way to do that is to get him the training he needs to know how to carry his gun.

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