Hi guys, I'm new to the forum but a lifelong Massachusetts resident and *hopefully* first time LTC holder this year. I've got a few questions though first.

Most importantly, I'm turning 21 this week. That makes me eligible to join your ranks and do my part in making this a safer state for everyone. I've had an FID since I was 15 or 16, my dad brought me as soon as I was eligible.

I still have the card from my "Hunter Education Program" issued to me in 2005, is this all I need to apply for a class A or B LTC? It seems from what I've read that the hunter safety course qualifies me for the license, but is there a time-frame? Will my card from 2005 still cut it? Or is it not even applicable and I need to take another course to get one anyways.

And don't worry, I fully plan on taking a concealed carry course (my employer gets a smith and wesson discount :) ) I just want to know if I'm already qualified in the eyes of the state so I can apply asap.

Thanks in advance guys!