Difference in Concealed Carry Permit Range Requirements by State
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Thread: Difference in Concealed Carry Permit Range Requirements by State

  1. Difference in Concealed Carry Permit Range Requirements by State

    I am getting ready to take my CCDW class in a couple of weeks. In Ky., the range requirement appears to be 11 out of 20 anywhere on a full silhouette target at 7 yds.

    I was wondering how this compares to other states?

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    In New Mexico, 15 @ 3yards and 10 @ 7 yards. The target is 12"X18" and you have to score 72 or higher. Each shot is worth 4 points. If you can't score in the 90's, you shouldn't pass IMO!!

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    In NY no range time required. I guess it's a case of can you pay enough money, wait enough time, and pass enough background checks and have a 2A judge in your county...etc.. no proof of firearams ability required... I had to pay for a "pistol course" 30 bucks to have a local chief of police explain with visual aids the difference between a pistol and a revolver...Never touched on the laws of CCW or pistol ownership in general in NY. I still want my money back

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    Michigan - 70% to pass; various distances (principally 7 yds); 8 1/2 X 11" target hit anywhere. 100 rds was required in the course I took but I don't know what state law actually requires.
    I'm with brcombs, it should be 90% to pass.
    We also allow people to qualify using a .22, which of course is a non real world self defence round. IMO one should have to qualify with a firearm that has a bit of recoil so that candidates have some idea what a genuine self defence weapon actually feels like when fired.
    I'm as big of a 2A supporter as there is out here but I'd certainly make the qualifications more difficult in order to create a safer and more knowledgeable concealed carrier.
    My .02...
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  6. New Hampshire

    No training or range requirements at all. Open carry (except in a vehicle) without a permit.

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    Indiana: no requirements either range or law. Only need to pay your fees, pass a city or county background, then pass the state background. Doesn't even require a picture, just fingerprints...
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  8. Re: Range Requirements

    In PA there is NO requirement for training. I personnaly feel there should be one though. In Philadelphia there is a gun store right across the street from where you get you LTCF, the worst thing about it is that a few years back that store topped the FBI's list of stores in this area for "bulk purchases" and weapons sold that were used in crimes. I think the ONLY reason he was not shut down was because he knows the "right" people(politicians) and LE.

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    No range requirements in VA. Just as it should be!
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    In South Carolina it's 10rnds each at 3,5,7,10,15yards for a total of 50 and are done with some slow and some rapid fire. Not sure what's needed to pass, I got 100 and the wife a 97. Was fairly easy.

  11. Arkansas it,s safety not accuracy

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