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Thread: NEW YORK BILL might be ammended

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    Most "shall-issue" states have a provision that allows an applicant to be denied a permit based on his/her background (criminal or mental health). Many of these same states require residents periodically renew their CCW permit. Thus there exists a thin line between a "shall-issue" and "discretionary-issue" state.

    Chuck Schumer and Caroline McCarthy serve at the federal level, not state. They have little influence in NY state or state law. They ARE actively seeking to limit the rights of ALL Americans.

    NYC has codified its requirements into NYS Penal Law, Article 400. The proposed amendment does nothing to change the law in NYC, Albany or the counties of Westchester, Suffolk or Nassau. The rest of the state is much more friendly than these high density areas.

    For what it's worth, there will never be a CCW permit for the masses in NYC. There are nearly 10 million people crammed into a 12 X 4 mile island. People are shoulder to shoulder on the streets and most defensive gun use on the streets of Manhattan would result in collateral damage to innocent people. Combined this with the extremely high level of liberals and foreigners in NYC and one can see this will never come to pass. Nearly all of the attempts at restrictive gun control arise from NYS Assembly members in NYC. Thankfully the state Senate is primarily republican controlled so the laws get slapped down in the senate.

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    I will call my (Suffolk County PD Firearms (pistol licensing) Department for any changes .... I've been there 4 or 5 times already and they are good people. I doubt if they know anything though ! BTW it took me almost 1 year to get my "sportsman" ticket, but I have added 4 Weapons to my card with no questions asked, and I am squeaky clean and 59 years old and a Homeowner ! I'll let you Guys know what they say on Tuesday as they may be closed on Monday 10/10/2011. Thanks guys for being so nice in this matter ... I quit my local club because they took my $50 membership fee and I got angry when they could not even answer a simple question about advice on me buying a gun safe. I just got my free NRA knife in the mail for renewing to you all on Tuesday....Thanks Again.

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