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    I was thinking of buying the 380 Bodyguard what do you all think of it for a pocket carry pistol.

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    I had a chance to handle one recently, and I was very favorably impressed. I think they will be very popular. That said, Colt is re-introducing the Mustang .380 and I'm a Colt guy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kenn712 View Post
    I was thinking of buying the 380 Bodyguard what do you all think of it for a pocket carry pistol.
    I've heard stories about some of them starting to come apart after 100 rounds or so. Maybe they're a bit on the complicated side - you know, more stuff to break or rattle loose. I like my LCP but the more I look at the Kahr P380 the more I like it.
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  5. I've spent the last 2 months researching for a CC handgun and for a variety of reasons went with the Bodyguard 380; better sights, easier to rack slide, the built-in laser, manual safety and overall quality. The earlier SN's had some minor issues like the take-down pin coming out, which have been resolved. The gun I bought is SN EAFxxxx and is functioning flawlessly with a variety of ammo.

    The gun feels good in the hand, recoil is very manageable, field strips easily, best sights of all the .380's except the Sig and for the money is a great buy IMHO.
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    Tried the bodyguard side by side with the LCP about two weeks ago. Put 50 rds through both. The LCP just felt better, but the bodyguard wasn't bad either. Not sure on long term reliability with the bodyguard. Have put about 500 through the LCP without fail. Hope that helps.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by B2Tall View Post
    I've heard stories about some of them starting to come apart after 100 rounds or so.
    I've heard the same thing...

    I think that's the nature of a first generation product, regardless of who makes "it", or what "it" is.

    I'd stick with the Ruger LCP if you need one now, or wait until the next model year.
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    I know there were some issues with the early models. Both the pin mentioned above and a problem with the trigger failing to return to the ready position.

    My dealer (Spurlock's in Henderson, Nv) told me to "wait a bit" before buying one. I wrote S&W and asked about the issue. They told me that there were a very few issues with the early models, but defects were being addressed and repaired on a case-by-case basis.

    I still intend to buy one after the bugs get worked out.

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    Personally I think the wedding of a useless laser on the gun is a marketing gimmick. The laser is for practice and target shooting and fun--it is not the way a 380 should be used for self defense. If you like the gun fine, but IMO a 380 is a point shoot firearm and acquiring the target using a laser takes away that short fraction of a second that point shoot gives you. Again--personal opinion--just sayin. Hopefully, whether you have a laser or not, none of us will have to rely on it or the firearm any time in our lives. Peace brother.

  10. Pocket Pistol .380

    I've been carrying the Ruger LCP for a couple of years now as a backup pistol and like it.Ruger had some problems and delayed my purchase, but once they corrected the issue I purchased the LCP. Whenever a new pistol hits the market, typically, I use video blogs to checkout the pistols in action and peoples opinion, keyword opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    Again--personal opinion--just sayin.
    And you know what they say about opinions. Previously you have stated that you thought I was being hostile to SC LEO's for mentioning that caneguns fall under the rules for "Any other weapon" under the National Firearms Act.

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