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Thread: Received personal letter from Judge today requesting all police reports

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  3. misdermeanors do carry thier weight.... anything below doesn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vettehigh View Post
    Just opened my envelope from the Sheriff's office and I did receive my target shooting/hunting permit. Still waiting on the Judge's decision on my CCW. It's been 5 weeks since I personally spoke with him. Judge told me I will receive a personal letter from him stating my approval/denial on the CCW. Is it normal to get the target/hunting permit 1st and wait on the CCW?? Thanks
    Congrats! Now go take a few more classes (NRA PPITH, NRA PPOTH, Article 35 - Defense of Justification) and file for an amendment to unrestricted CCW. My experience says he'll grant it. Such actions show a smart, educated and responsible gun owner who wants to gain a better understanding of his rights, the law and safety. That's what judges are looking for.

    I tell students all the time, instead of complaining you could be getting educated which improves your chances for an unrestricted CCW greatly.

    Then there's people like my wife who skip into the courtroom and the judge says "hi sweetie how are you today? Why do you want an unrestricted permit?" She answered because she has many legitimate reasons for carry already on her permit and wants to avoid any unintentional misunderstanding as to when and where she can carry. He smiles and says "done." I'm sitting in the courtroom galley reading the paper shaking my head. Five weeks later she has an unrestricted CCW. Go figure.

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