Best safety course for Massachusetts, Utah, Florida CCW?
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Thread: Best safety course for Massachusetts, Utah, Florida CCW?

  1. Best safety course for Massachusetts, Utah, Florida CCW?

    I live in southern New Hampshire, and want to apply for a Utah and/or Florida non-resident permit. Florida will accept a standard NRA class, but it looks like Utah needs a specific firearms safety class from an approved instructor. (I assume my LFI and Thunder Ranch classes from 10+ years ago don't count.) Which instructors in my area do you recommend?

    I also want to get a few new-shooter friends of mine to take the class with me, some of whom are Massachusetts or New York state residents rather than NH; in fact the Mass. folks don't own any guns at all yet. So, I strongly prefer to find a class that counts for both Utah and Massachusetts requirements. Is this feasible?

    Utah gives a list of approved out-of-Utah instructors. None are in New Hampshire, but there are several in Mass:

    Michael Burchman: homegunsafety
    Dennis Doti:
    Steven Hathaway: Mass Firearms School
    Robert McDermott:
    Mark Shean: Mark Shean: Ma.LTC/FID
    Charles O'Donnell: [email protected]
    Kenneth M Maurer: [email protected]

    If you have any experience with those folks or others, I'd definitely appreciate reviews. Thanks!

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    I know Robert McDermott from and he is a USA Carry Featured Instructor as well.

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    mass class

    I took the Mass. firearms class a few years ago. I have used it to Acquire permits from other states. I have just Acquired Florida ($117 for 7years)for it gives a little better coverage than Utah. Where in Southern NH for I also Have a friend who teaches who is a Mass Swat Officer.
    Permits in Possesion NH (resident) ME/MA/PA/FL

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    The funny thing about MA...they will accept the NRA Basic course....but only if it is presented by a MA certified instructor. Makes no sense really, consider this course is not state specific.

    so...chances are good that if you find a NRA Basic Pistol course in MA, that instructor will be MA certified. But be sure to ask.

    Also, just as a suggestion, that same NRA class will also allow you to apply for an Arizona permit. It gives almost the same reciprocity as FL at about half the cost...$60/$43 initial/renewal
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  6. I do not know why anyone would go through the Utah class, especially if you have already taken the NRA class or another equivalent class. It only gives you one additional state over Florida and that would be Minnesota, where if you really needed it you could get a non res MN permit.

    The reason Mass wants you to take a NRA class by a Mass certified instructor is because they do discuss Mass specific laws and they have special paperwork that needs to be filled out by the instructor and sent directly the State Police and they also want all instructors to hold a Mass permit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brk913 View Post
    I do not know why anyone would go through the Utah class, especially if you have already taken the NRA class or another equivalent class.
    It depends on where you live. Our company is based in VA and tomorrow I have 50 students scheduled for the Utah permit class.

    I travel to Rhode Island once a year to do the Utah class and it is popular there. I also do the class in PA and MD.

    To the OP - if you can get a larger group together 20-25+, I'd be happy to discuss the possibility of coming up to your area to do a Utah class.

  8. Utah permit course in Mass

    I took the Utah course from Mass Firearms School in September 2010 - it was well done (I'm an NRA and Mass certified instructor) and Steve Hathaway (the instructor) really kept it moving. They also use some sophisticated shoot-don't shoot computer-based simulation (there is no live fire in the course - classroom only) during the breaks - really gets the class involved. (My class had about 50 people for a Saturday afternoon.) Steve adds his own flavor to the material and I picked up some additional tips and practical advice.

    It is Utah only, and doesn't count as a Mass-approved course for a Mass Permit , but the Mass Firearms School offers plenty of those.

    Tip - the location is pretty anonymous (a suburban strip mall) - but just follow the directions on their website and you'll find it just fine.

  9. Try Dennis Doti

    I recently took Dennis Doti's course for the Utah CCW.

    Dennis also does the fingerprinting for you (he's a LEO). He provided the entire package to send off to Utah.

    He also offers an NRA course which would cover you for Mass, as well as CT and ME.

    The downside is that his shop is in Uxbridge which is down on the RI line.

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    Now I am really confused...

    A couple of years ago I took MA LTC and NRA courses, then the UT CCW course from same instructor. Using reciprocity map on this website, I thought I knew what states I could and could not carry in. I am confused reading this thread about using NRA certificate in states like CT and ME which, as far as I know, don't have reciprocity with MA or UT; how does that work? And, I also thought that FL and NH did not issue non-resident licenses.

    I know I will get to bottom of this with your help! Thanks.


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    Safety Courses

    I'd highly recommend Sig Sauer Academy in Epping, NH. Their Handgun 101 course is Massachusetts and Florida approved, but I don't think their instructors are on the Utah list. One day course includes classroom and range time (about 50-50), and they will provide all equipment (including a pistol that properly fits you). All ammo is included in the course fee for that course and at reasonable prices for all other courses (range is totally non-toxic). I'm from New York and taken multiple courses with them. Their instructors and facilities are top notch and their fees are reasonable.

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