Help with RI CCW?
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Thread: Help with RI CCW?

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    Help with RI CCW?


    I've been reading through the forums and can't really find any answers to two kind of specific issues I'm having (not the most computer literate guy, so perhaps I'm going about it incorrectly)

    I've recently decided that I'm comfortable enough with my gun to be confident in carrying, and after explaining it to my fiance we have agreed it would be in my best interest to do so. So I've called up one of the instructors listed on this site, and have started to make plans to take my Army-L test. Here lies part one of my question. On the application it asks if I've ever been arrested. When I was 19, I was arrested for driving an unregistered vehicle while working in MA. I ended up paying a fine for it and paying the impound lot to get my car out. I've done a ton of those background checks on myself, and it doesn't show up as a criminal conviction or anything like that, but to be on the safe side....does anyone know if this would disqualify me from carrying?

    Second part of my question would be this: I'm currently unemployed. My fiance's mother owns the two family house we live in and listed me as the property manager and maintenance person on the lease in exchange for dramatically lesser rent. As I am on call 24/7 for our downstairs tenants as the property manager and in turn carry large amounts of cash (rent) and the keys to another persons home would this be considered justified need? I'm still technically unemployed, and I know the AG prefers to give out work only permits, but I'm not sure if this would count. We also have someone in the family who was just released from prison with a strong history of break ins and threatening family members. This is one of the main reasons we decided it was finally time to properly arm ourselves in the first place. Again, justifiable need?

    Sorry for the long winded paragraphs, I just need some guidance on the issue and know that this is an active and very helpful forum. If there is somewhere else I should be pestering folks, please let me know.

    Much appreciated.
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