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    Hello all I am here to pick your brains on pocket carry. I'll spare you the whole story so; I'll get right to the dilemma. I have narrowed it down to 2 pistols. One being the Kahr PM9 and the Kel Tec P11. I am sold on the PM9 but money is an issue. I do hear a lot of good things about the Kel Tec and would be happy with it but the PM9 is smaller and it looks like a better built gun. Most of the time it'll be a backup but there will be times where it will be the main carry gun. I did find a real good price on the Kahr which made me consider it but still about $300 more than the Kel Tec. How are the triggers on each gun are they similar, better, worse? Is the Kel Tec reliable? Thanks
    Hey there! Well, I have no personal experience with that particular Kahr - I have the CW9 - but I do have plenty of experience with the P-11. I have one that I carry quite a bit and it has served me well for over 800 rounds. I did order the steel guide rod and an extra set of springs from Kel Tec. (14.00$ total) I just keep the poly one, that came with the pistol, as a backup. I did put the pinky rest base plate on one magazine for waist carry and left the flat metal one on the other mag for pocket carry. You do need some large pockets to carry it in without severe printing, but you can do it just fine with a standard Uncle Mikes (#3 I think - the largest one) pocket holster. The Kahr is a super quality gun and the Kel Tec is bread and butter, but mine has served me well. Good Luck on your choice.

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    njsportsman - why don't you do like everyone else has already done... just buy one that feels good, conceals easily in the pocket, or belt, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Afterall, your the one who will have to live with your decision! (Do you ask someone's advice when you buy a new vehicle?).
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    I wouldn't shy away from the Kel-Tec. They are decent weapons. I've heard their triggers are gritty, but that's about the only downside I've heard about the gun.

    The Kahr is a nice gun - I carry a CW45. But, for the money, it's hard to beat Kel-Tec. A 9mm for under $300? Nice.

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    I have carried a PM9 as my main SD gun since I got my CHL back in '04 ... it's totally reliable, very accurate and feeds my favorite round -- the Hornady Critical Defense -- perfectly ... I pocket carry 7-8 months of the year; when it gets cold, I switch to a Kydex paddle holster or move to a Kimber UC ... I can't recommend the Kahr highly enoughl; if you have to save an extra month or two or three to get it, do it ... quality always costs more ... As Bell Helmet's ads used to say, "If you have a $10 head, get a $10 helmet."
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