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    My wife and I are applying for the Tx chl. I have a clean record, but she has a disorderly conduct from when she was a juvenile 10+ yrs ago from another state. That state cant find any record of that charge, it was community service and 6 mth probation. Is she still supposed to document that for the application? that other state cant even find the record so they cant give her paperwork to document event. Dont know if I am on correct forum for this sorry, thanks again.

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    NO, she does NOT need to worry

    No, she does not need to list that anywhere at all.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by soar697877 View Post
    No, she does not need to list that anywhere at all.
    I agree.
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    Since she was a juvenile when that happened, when she turned 21 it disappeared. It never happened. You don't have to report what never happened.

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    If it really does not show on the state records and it is not reported in the texas records, then ther is really no need to disclouse it, since it will delay the process. The state will do a check even after you submit.

    If they find something they will let you know.

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