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Thread: 1 round in chamber? or not?

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    I all ways carry with one in the chamber (i cant fit two) when it comes down to it, practice, practice, practice and KNOW YOUR WEAPON!! If your not comfortable with your weapon either practice more or get a knew one that you are 110% comfortable with handling at all times. My personal choice for carry weapon is no thumb safety, just like having to chamber thats one more thing to do if it is needed. If you carry with it off safe it would suck if it got flipped to safe and you didnt know it or are not use to it. I wont say all because I havent researched it but most holsters dont prevent the safety from being engaged or disengaged they primarily cover the trigger and keep the weapon in place.

    Point number 2, HOLSTER!!! A good quality holster will prevent anything from "accidently" getting near the bang button.
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    Carry cocked and locked.

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    If you are not carrying with one chambered then in all actuality you are carrying a paper weight. My G19 has a very good safety its called my trigger finger. Only goes on the trigger when I am ready to fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmasse View Post
    It all amounts to training and which way you train to face emergencies. The Israeli's train to pull and load in one fluid motion. So the only real question is left who is better at the draw.
    Since the Israelis are reflexively brought up every time someone mentions carrying with an empty chamber, maybe we should look at why they carry (or carried) with an empty chamber.

    When the Israeli Defense Force was orginally formed back in the 40s, they were armed with whatever weapons they, as a nation, could quickly acquire. This meant that their pistols were a mish-mash of different designs. Some single action, some double action, some with safeties, some without. Many were not drop safe. Many did not have holsters.

    They needed one simple method to train a large number of people, many of them inexpereinced in the use of arms, regardless of what weapon they had. The result was to carry with the chamber empty and rack on the draw.
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  6. On the rare opportunity I get to carry (unfortunately pretty much everywhere I go it seems that they have "no gun" signs), I carry with one in the chamber. I'm comfortable doing that with the safety engaged. The safety is real easy to quickly sweep with the thumb and disengage, but has enough force to it that it doesn't happen accidentally.

    However, if I did not have the safety (like the wife's handgun), I would not be carrying with one in the chamber. I'm concerned that given my low risk of being attacked combined with my "newbness" at CCW that I'm a higher risk to do something stupid like snagging something in the trigger while holstering and shooting myself. I'm not comfortable doing concealed carry of my revolver (DA/SA) at all for the same reason.

    I see the benefit of having a weapon ready to go immediately, but honestly at my skill level, I'm not going to outdraw anyone anyways. It seems that the limited situations where I'd actually be able to deploy the weapon would be ones where I'd have extra time.

    I continue to practice though, and perhaps some day I'll be good enough to carry something at "high readiness". Until then, I'll make sure to do no harm first... :-)

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    Israeli Draw equals two handed draw.

    What happens if one arm is disabled?


  8. Thanks guys, im getting the tuckthis II from desantis for my IWB holster. I still dont have CHL but I will continue to practice and carry around the house unloaded and practice drawing and holstering. I will carry with one in the chamber I trust that I will carry when I have accustomed myself to carrying safely and practiced my drawing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alonzo_rt View Post
    I still dont have CHL but I will continue to practice and carry around the house unloaded and practice drawing and holstering.
    Why would you do this? Do you live in one of those imaginary places where home invasions and break-in's don't ever happen?
    If you're going to carry it...load it! You can practice "unloaded" during specific practice sessions some other time.
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    Time waits for no man, and size may not matter, but seconds do.....If you're like me, you hope you'll never have to draw your pistol in an emergency. If that emergency ever arises, I want the fewest amount of steps possible between the "OMG! alert" in my brain and the Big Bang Theory.

    +1 for one in the chamber.
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    I always carry 10+1 I am a thumb flick and a squeeze away from protecting myself. In addition even if you're trained to pull and load simultaneously, the situation may not allow you to use your other hand to load that boat anchor you pulled out of the holster. Always keep one in the pipe.

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