Obtaining Maryland Concealed Carry Permit
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Thread: Obtaining Maryland Concealed Carry Permit

  1. Question Obtaining Maryland Concealed Carry Permit

    I am a Maryland resident and i am interested in Obtaining a CCP. What advice can you give me too facilitate my efforts. Where should i start? I do carry large sums of money in both the summer months(agricultural related only in the day mostly) and in the winter( weather related 24/7). I have also read about out of state permits. Where should i start?

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    Probably good to start here.

    And here.

    Tough state to live in if you want to carry. I try to avoid driving over there. Same with the District.

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    In case you weren't conscientious enough to drill down through the links on the sites I gave you previously, here's the application and instructions courtesy of Handgun Laws.

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  5. Ty very much felix

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