Texas Concealed Handgun License Turnaround Time
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Thread: Texas Concealed Handgun License Turnaround Time

  1. Texas Concealed Handgun License Turnaround Time

    My Texas CHL arrived in today's mail, on January 31st.

    I took my course on January 1st, then it took a few days to get the digital prints done (scheduling around my work schedule). Anyway, I mailed in the packet of required information by certified mail, and it was signed for by DPS on January 10.

    I consider that pretty good turnaround time by a state agency (3 weeks). They also have it set up so you can go to their website and check the status of your application and see which requirements have been satisifed. The last item to clear was the background check. Then it indicated it was being made, then mailed. Pretty cool.

    Some friends have asked why I bothered to get the CHL in the first place. The best answer I've come up with is "because I can".


  3. congrats! mine was received on jan 22 so fingers crossed for sometime in Feb.

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    SC turn around...

    In South Carolina don't expect to get tout CWP that soon. They told us at least 90 days. It took EXACTLY 90 days!

  5. in NY where i live the wait is 6 months and then you will get a restricted permit, good only for target shooting and hunting.

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    Az rocks!

    Normal turn-around time for Arizona is 5 business days. Sometimes it can take a whole 7 days. Makes me GLAD to be in AZ.

    (I think) it's the quickest turn-around time. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.


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    Texas has speeded up the process when I got mine it was couple of months. Noticed post on NY "permit for target shooting and hunting" reminds me of why NY will never be my home or where I spend my money.

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    I renewed mine last summer and it took about 45 days from class to plastic in my hand ... It appears they've either speeded up the process or demand is down ... that's a great turnaround ... 400k plus CHLs issued and counting ...
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