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Thread: What would you say to a restaurant with a "No Gun's" sign?

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    Thumbs up Who does the government's constitution control?

    Quote Originally Posted by JrFreak View Post
    If the US Government says I can carry a weapon concealed to protect myself how can a friggin restaurant owner tell me I can't...??
    Property Rights. The US Government also allows me to have intimate relations with an adult of the opposite gender in my own home, but restaurant owners may decline to allow this activity on their premises... same with free speech.

    The federal government that runs the area where I live has a constitution that regulates people working for the government; not regular folks like me. it says that the smaller governments it allows to have overlapping jurisdiction may not disarm regular folks ... but it does not control business owners on their own property.

    If a mormon does not want me to drop the F-bomb in his shop, I need to respect that or leave (or conceal it so he does not hear it;). I can not complain to governments that an individual citizen has a rule like that on HIS property.... yet.

    We must each decide how much we will listen to government's edicts... if jews or libertarians or homosexuals or republicans or gypsys or wife-beaters or black people are told by the government that they must disarm... we must decide if we are free or governable.

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    What they don't know will not hurt them. But possibly protect them some day!

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