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Thread: What would you say to a restaurant with a "No Gun's" sign?

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    Recently, the Price Chopper store in my area put a No Firearms sign on the front door at eye level. We've had CCW in Missouri for almost seven years now so it was a bit of a shock to suddenly see that sign appear.

    I'd parked in a spot in front of the windows where I could see my car. So I went back to the car, locked my gun in the console, and went in to the store and asked to speak to the manager. I told him that I was sorry to see that he no longer wanted to see "my kind" in his store and handed him a "No guns = No $$$" card, one of those available free from Free "No Guns, No Money" Cards . (That card is Missouri-specific but I understand similar cards are available elsewhere on the 'net.)

    He of course asked what I meant . As he looked at the card, I pointed out that any crazed person with an attitude, a rap sheet as long as his arm, and a grudge would be in no way stopped by his sign. Such a person is already carrying illegally and used to ignoring societies mores. A No Guns sign would have no effect upon that person.

    I told him that the only people he could expect to honor his sign were people who had spent money to obtain training in firearms and firearms laws. These people had spent money applying for their CCW permits. We had undergone background checks, in Missouri a triple check through by the local sheriff, the MSHP, and the FBI. And we had spent up to $100 in fees to the sheriff to get that permit to be able to legally carry. By putting up that sign, he's saying that he is more afraid of people like me than he is of the sort of sociopath who ignores all of society's rules.

    Furthermore, I said, honest CCW people do prevent and/or stop crimes. The Family Dollar store next door to him has had a tiny "no guns" sign in a lower corner of their window for years. I told him how ironic I'd found that when, a few years ago, a shopper was attacked by a man in front of a Family Dollar in Tupelo, MS. The news report said as many as twenty people had stood around shouting at the man, honking their car horns at him, and dialing 911 as he continued stabbing the woman. None of those "recommended" actions worked. What stopped the assault and saved her life was a man who pulled a gun and ordered the attacker to stop now and lie on the pavement or he was going to have his f'ing head blown off. And this occurred in front of a store whose chain has that No Guns sign as a corporate policy.

    Furthermore, I said, he's requiring unsafe behavior of my and "my kind." To come in and talk to him while honoring his sign, I had to unholster while in my car, not the easiest of actions while carrying concealed in my normal manner. Upon leaving, I was going to have to reholster, thus unnecessarily handling the gun twice. Without his sign, the gun would have stayed safely, securely, and discreetly in its holster threatening no one. Furthermore, it was now in my car posing a risk of theft if the car were to be stolen or broken into while I'm in the store.

    I then concluded by telling him that he had an excellent store with a good selection and good prices there and I enjoyed shopping there. But there isn't enough difference between it and the store a few blocks away to justify disarming just to shop there. Instead, I would be honoring his wishes in the future by taking my money to the nearby Country Mart.

    The next morning I received a phone call from the store manager telling me that he'd thought about the points I'd made and he wanted to let me know that he'd taken the sign back down shortly after I'd left.

  3. No guns allowed sign

    I wouldn't say anything or write anything. Anything you say could be used against you! It is strictly a Private Property Right Issue. The merchant has the right to prohibit you from his property for any reason (except race age etc...). Just don't go there ever again as its clear they don't want our business.

    Realize that it's probably an Insurance issue.

    If you feel you must write: Simply ask the Merchant Two Questions

    1. Why don't you want my business?

    2. Why do you want to give the criminals the advantage?

    If you say or ask anymore than this your clearly looking for trouble.

    Keep in mind that the Private Property Owner has rights too!

    Also keep in mind that you're not gonna change his mind. All you can do is put the idea in his head that he is losing business as a result of his decision.

  4. A 'Truthful' GunBuster Sign

    I'd print and provide a copy of this sign to compliment the one they probably already have in their window. Even in a discrete envelope, attn: Manager. Will definitely make them think.

    I've also handed several store managers (a book store, and a pet supply store locally, just to name a couple) this business card, letting them know that no guns equals no money. Hit them in the pocketbook and vote with your feet.


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    Would not go there . if I had been a regular I would ask for the owner or manager and tell them why I would not be back

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    I'd speak to the mangaer in person first. If that fails write a letter to corporate or the owners. The letters that have been posted already are good enough.
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    I would ignore the sign
    See, it's mumbo jumbo like that and skinny little lizards like you thinking they the last dragon that gives Kung Fu a bad name.
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    You could argue that since your gun wasn't the one in the picture that you thought it didn't apply to you.
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    As others have already pointed out, I'd ignore the sign. That's why I carry concealed. So long as they don't have pat-downs or metal detectors at the door, I carry everywhere. There is no way anyone need know I'm carrying, and that's the way I like it. The only way that they'd find out is if I was given cause to use it, after which I'd probably not give a damn if they 86'd me, as I'd be glad to walk out of there with my life.

    As for a letter, I doubt it's worth the effort. Most anti-gun folks are so inundated with false information and scare tactics, the instant he realizes that the letter is from a "gun nut" he'll disregard anything in it, most likely.

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    I carry a business card with this on it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Naybor View Post
    Those cards are great! Just saved the PDF files, and are gonna print some off tomorrow.

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