Newbie concealed concerns/questions.
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Thread: Newbie concealed concerns/questions.

  1. Newbie concealed concerns/questions.

    Hi. 1st Post.....I've owned a pistol for about 15 years (most in NY with a permit) and now in NC for general target and range use. I'm interested in getting a concealed carry permit and have some total newbie questions.

    I guess my 2 biggest concerns are

    1. Forgetting that I am carrying, and being in a location that i shouldn't be
    2. Ever being in a situation that "FEELS" justified to use it, and having a court deem otherwise.

    Is this a common newbie concern, and any thoughts or comments are welcome. Thank you.

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    I have been CCW for about a year now. The first few months you will certainly not 'forget' that you are carrying. It is a real mind changer when you begin to carry. After a while it becomes natural to you and when you don't have it with you, it feels like you forgot your socks or underwear or something.

    You need to keep in mind the areas that are off limits. Usually schools, govt buildings, airports, etc. It is your responsibility as a gun owner to keep this in mind. I have a lock box under the passenger seat of my car that is lockable and cabled to the seat frame for those times.

    As for the second question, never had the experience, hope I never do. You probably won't find too many people wo can answer that one. I would suggest really researching the laws and making sure you know the difference between 'Stand Your Ground', 'The Castle Doctrine', and all of the laws pertaining to this. You really must be in fear of your life or great bodily harm or of that of someone else to use your firearm. Research, research, research. Understand the laws. Read case studies on people who legally carried and used their firearm and the outcomes. The more knowlege you have, the better off you will be. Best of luck, be safe!

  4. Thinking is good

    It is good that you are concerned and think. As time passes, you will tire of disarming and avoid going to places like the Post office. (The PO provides free delivery, send them a check). If you try to always carry, then you ought to remember that you ought to be carrying, not to mention the additional weight.

    If you find yourself in a prohibited place by mistake, quiety leave. Most people are obivious to others and probably would not notice. When you carry concealed, the idea is others do not know.

    I saw a military person with an open holster in a ccw only state at a store, nobody said a thing to him. I expect they saw his uniform and thought it was alright. Unless you look like a hood, if someone sees a bulge on you, it probably will not even register with them.

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