My first scary experience
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  1. Exclamation My first scary experience

    I'm a newbie to the gun world. I've been carrying/shooting for a year now. Today I had two men in a white Chevy Lumina followed me today when I came home from work. flashing their high beams, yelling they were gonna kill me and pointing their fingers out of the window shaped like guns. I'm sure I didn't do anything wrong to upset them. They kept signaling me to pull over so I took off at a high rate of... speed to loose them. Luckily, i lost them in a winding neighborhood. They are lucky too, I'm sure they weren't expecting to run down a CCW permit carrier. I didn't want them to find out either, or meet my 1911. Gotta say, I was actually pretty calm, but definitely scared. What would you do in this situation?

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    Call 911 from the car and have the cops hook up with you....

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    Second KCD. Call the cops, and intentionally NOT lose them.

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    Yes KCD is correct you should have called 911 and told them what was happening and where you where so the police could have shown up and pulled them over to see what this was all about. Now you are left wondering who they were and why they were threating you and have to be on the look out for them cause you don't want to get blindsided by them when you are going about you day / life.

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    Agreed, Call 911 and let them assist in the matter. Similar situation happened to me. I called 911 and told dispatch every detail make , model, race,etc. The cool thing was I was headed in the direction of the Police Station when this happened. Kinda made their ride shorter for them (in the Cruiser )that is.....
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    Same for me, if you do have a cell with you, call 911. You might be able to out run them but again, you might run someone over too.. If you don't have a cell, I would drive to the local PD or even fire station directly.

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    In the time before cell phones, a LEO friend of mine said to stay to the main roads and go to the nearest police station or police officer with the lunatic in tow. They are more than happy to take care of them at that point. Most (if not all) states have very strict road rage laws.

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    Hey guys thanks for all of your advice, its greatly appreciated. I thought of calling 911, I really should have.

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    Me? Drive normally, call 911 and talk to the dispatcher through my bluetooth headset, give a good description while avoiding eye contact. Drive neither timidly nor aggressively, just normal.

    Oh, and make sure my Glock is secured but handy. If I were to be run off the road or hit I wouldn't want my weapon becoming a missile flying around my car then wind up being out of reach.

    I had a somewhat similar circumstance JUST before I received my HCP in TN; Mr. Glock was not part of that reaction.

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    I had a very similar experience a number of years ago. It was the first time I ever drew my concealed and put it at the ready in case things got worse. I was thisclose to dialing 911 when my persuers drove away.
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