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  1. I have seen a 45 high score shooter in matchs shoot cross draw and win vs rh draw. they do not stand facing the bg. they are turned sideways left foot foreward right hand two inchs from grip in a ready guard. then on go boom beats the rh draw every time I saw him. I started doing it and i am faster than anyone i have came up against so far, of course i am not talking about
    mundan, jordon, or a comp shooter, just the guys here at bass pro or at bristol.
    if i am faced w a bg i turn and can push w my left hand and pull w right hand. barrol is on his belly as it clears the holster.
    my holster is all most sideway in pants, now I feel great with it there,not so much w it on my right side. Someone behind you can grab it. So as far as a disarm matter both sites can be grabbed, right hip n cross draw. now just because i like it means nothing it's what you like. try it or do not if you don't think it a good idea ok, have you tryed it or your going on what others say.
    as far as pd's and they way they carry, a policeofficer undercover or offduty is diff than a non-leo. different mind frame.
    i practice a lot with the crossdraw and I feel very sure if I have to fire i can wait a nanosec longer to see if I need to. than if it on my right hip. but I also count on knowing what is around me, so that I am not surprized. I have crossed streets to avoid trouble. If it crossed with me then i know something is up, check my view behind and and side no ambush. then try to avoid the matter again 2nd time some one crosses a street to come up to me i try as fast as I can to pick the spot we are going to met and I use cars parked along the street to put him in the open and me behind a car. then I talk to him if he still is coming to me. How ya doing? Can I help you? ( There are crossdraw shooters on youtube fastdraw and reloading w a 1911 45. just look it up ) But if your not in to discovering your self what is for you then go rh draw and don't worry about it. if you got a open mind try it and see, if after you do and it's not for you fine. I carry a few differend way depends on the place and reason I am there.
    None are rh draw. OH except a range that will not allow drawing and shooting crossdraw. I have not met one yet if they allowed shooting from holster they allowed crossdraw. I have seen the cons trying the hands up turn and sweep to grab the gun or slap it away. nice move if i had my gun where he could get it. I am not handcuffing anyone so there is no need for me to get close. if he is down or giving up fine lie down and do not move we can wait till a leo is here and then you can try that stuff with a few leos around and see if they light you up. BG kills a Leo good luck you just became target #1 for a lot of mad Leos.
    So I see carrying a gun is not for me to take on badguns and handcuff them. I do not carry handcuffs. i do not want to arrest a bg, I want to be left alone by a bg, as soon as he crosses the line he is going get more than 1- 45 acp round as fast as I can pull the trigger I will stop at 3 or 4 and check him out, and reload then too. If I can walk away from a bg I am gone, if he is looking for someone else to rob. I can call the leos and let them take him on. and I will not follow him to protect someone. thats a leos job, they have DA and PD and courts behind them. non leos just have the lawer you can pay for.
    leos have a other mindset.

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    For general carry - Strong-side holster: Nine step drawstroke. Remember, speed comes not from fast hands but from reduction of unnecessary movement. Slow is smooth... smooth is fast. The term "chest" defines what should be done with the weak hand... keep it to your chest in the event you need a close shot. Don't hit your own hand/arm. By retaining at chest level the arm is positioned to thwart a strike or stab as the rotated hip-level shot is delivered (See "speed rock") should a close range encounter occur. Remember, gun fights are won and lost in tenths or hundreths of seconds so reduce unncessary movement.

    1. Access / Chest (sweep or pull concealment garment)
    2. Grip / Chest
    3. Pull / Chest
    4. Rotate / Chest
    5. Join
    6. Extend
    7. Fire
    8. Ready retention
    9. Scan and assess (9:00 / 3:00 / 6:00)

    Practice this drill step-by-step until it can be accomplished in one single motion.

    In an automobile a cross draw is faster. DeSantis Sof-Tuck holster is adjustable to strong-side, corssdraw or small-of-back.

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    I carry both cross draw and right side carry! Love the cross draw when driving!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOTCHKIS View Post
    I carry both cross draw and right side carry! Love the cross draw when driving!
    A left handed cross draw holster would seem to be just the right holster if you are driving a bus for a living.

  7. I have been a cop and all the incidents I saw in the big city where someone was attacked they saw the bad guy coming( men) women heard the badguy coming but did not turn to see them. I stand with my left foot forward I am a black belt. but carry crossdraw. my gun is foward of my body. i see something not right I put my hand on my belt buckel. and my other hand on my jacket cond red comes up I lift my jacket pull 5 inchs and push my left hand out and fire with my right. there is no sweep and my barrol is lined up better than a strong hand pull. you guys shoot your own foot or powder burn your leg. a left hand is poss in the way but if you train it's not. and how can someone grab my crossdraw holstered gun if they don't know I am carring a gun. some one rushes me and it is the same as someone rushs you how much do you train.

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