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Thread: Idea for exposed bottom of holster

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywarrior View Post
    Buy your shirts at a Big and Tall store. Tall shirts are just longer.
    Or buy a IWB holster such as Crossbreeds Super Tuck.
    My sentiments exactly, if yyou have to conceal, you should have appropiate wardrobe. I do applaud your creativity, always thinking,i like that.
    Here in n.y they are sticklers about exposing, brandishing your side arm. I think we probably buy the most IWB type holsters. I even like the Clip draw thingys on a couple of my guns. No holster clip hangs off belt, gun tucked in pants. Very fast and no bulk. i have a friend who carrys his Glock like this without the clip draw, he is alot thinner than me, you cant even tell.

  3. I think if I were putting a phone co. label on the bottom end of a leather holster, I'd see if it could be stamped or embossed, instead of a sticker, and NOT a bright high-contrast color. The holster for the radio I wear at work actually has the circled M and "Motorola" embossed into it. If there was any contrasting ink there, it vanished years ago.

    I'm more of an IWB guy for concealment, just my thoughts on the original suggestion.
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    I IWB & Pocket Carry, so I don't need any labels other than manufacturers logos. The only OWB carry I do is when I carry my Rossi 46102, I utilize an Uncle Mikes Slider Ambi. holster and I wear a larger shirt or sweater.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    This might actually bring attention to the holster, and possibly cause the casual observer to see printing through clothing. Most people aren't as as observant as you're giving them credit for.
    I second this. I was invited to bring my guns over by some people interested in CCW. I loaded them all up in the same jacket (love those velcro backed pocket holsters). Felt self-conscious about it, seemed like they were fairly obviously printing to me. First question I was asked was "Did you bring them?" and surprise as I started emptying them out of the jacket. No one noticed, and they were expecting me to have them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shootinjh View Post
    So, when carrying concealed with an "outside the pants" holster and an over-garment that is a bit too short, sometimes the bottom of one's holster can be seen.

    For plastic holsters (yeah, I know - composite) you can get a small Vinyl cell company label and stick it on the bottom portion on the outside. Any sign shop can make one.

    When a typical person sees the bottom third of the black holster, they are automatically put at ease because they see the Verizon or AT&T logo label and assume it is a holster for a fancy cell phone... not a gun.

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    Alternitavely, you could also adjust your clothing so that you don't have parts of your holster exposed
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    Alternitavely, you could also adjust your clothing so that you don't have parts of your holster exposed
    Or for that matter inaproriate parts of one's person. This concept seems to have been forgotten as of late.

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