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    No carry in Buy For Less

    I went to a local grocery store - Buy For Less, to pick up some soda. I noticed a sign on the door that said "NO FIREARMS ALLOWED IN THE STORE, THIS INCLUDES CONCEALED WEAPONS CARRIED BY CCW HOLDERS."

    I spoke with the manager of the store and he said that he thought the policy was stupid also, but he couldn't do anything about it. The manager gave me the number of the district manager. I spoke to the manager, who was courteous and friendly. He told me that the policy was due to their insurance company charging them higher rates if they allowed weapons in the store.
    I explained that CCW holders are background checked, fingerprinted, trained in the legalities of armed conflict. I also told him that < 1% of permit holders have ever been convicted of a crime. I explained that CCW's would not do business with Buy For Less if we were not welcome and that criminals would not obey the signs any way. I thanked him for listening to my complaint and he said that he was surprised that so many people complained, about 25 so far.The manager told me that the policy would not change.
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    Where are the stores located?

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    I for sure would shop somewhere else. That's just not right.

  5. You shoulda reminded him that for every one of those '25 or so' complaints he'd gotten, there's probably a dozen folks that just turned around and carried their money someplace else-never to return.

  6. No Guns Allowed

    I ran into a similar situation here in Washington with Tuesday Morning. I spoke to the manager and explained all they were doing was giving a green light to a future active shooter, because they would know that TM had disarmed the customers. The manager was adamant that the policy would not be changed. I found a sign that looked at first glance to be the no gun sign, but said, in effect that criminals were welcome and that they had disarmed anyone there so the crooks would not have to worry about return fire. I scotch taped it over the no guns sign, and every time someone took it down, I put up another. They have since given up on tearing down the signs, so mine remain. I also have cards to present to managers of businesses who post no guns signs that tells them we will acquiece to their wishes by taking our business and dollars elsewhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by santa View Post
    Where are the stores located?
    In and around Oklahoma City.
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    If we don't want to live in a trashy area, we all have to be willing to help pick up the trash.

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    Allot of these policies come from higher up than the locale outlets. Blaming insurance companies may be true maybe not. You can shop elsewhere. In my opinion concealed means concealed. Don't ask don't tell.
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    I don't live in Oklahoma, or shop at Buy for Less, but I sent them an email on their Web Site indicating that I wouldn't shop there because of their policies. I'm taking it on faith that they do indeed post signs prohibiting CCW.
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