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Thread: I need need to inform my employer of my permit to carry

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    There's an old saying and it may apply here; "you may be carrying water in a leaky bucket."
    Best I might hope for is a gun vault in the car, at least it's in the parking lot and not at home.

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    Concealed means No one knows. It is to late now. You do not carry concealed at work.

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    The only way to keep a secret between two people is to make sure that one of them is dead.

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    I work at a pawn shop, my ccw was what helped me get the job, lol. the guns to employee ratio in that place is mind boggling.

  6. As stated, your boss, confidants, the secretary and receptionist all already know, so should you decide to carry you will have you concealing skills tested. At best, your inquiry is a Insurance Liability issue while your are on the property & working; should you not carry while physically working, how do you safely secure your weapon? What if it's stolen while 'secured'? Who covers replacement costs? Any responsibility for any further malfeasancant actions by the thief? You can see where this is headed. This is just an unfortunate reality you and your employer face.

  7. The company doesn't have a weapons policy because the boss doesn't think they need one. Usually that is a liability-neutral situation for the company, DEPENDING on state law. Looks like your supervisor doesn't have the guts to butt heads with the boss directly, but would like to help you throw yourself under the bus to get a (no) weapons policy.

    You know your boss far better than does either your supervisor or myself. You MIGHT have a chance with a modification to the following approach:

    "Hey Boss, I know our equipment is insured just in case something happens to it and some job sites are in areas that keep Cops and Ambulances busy. Our people are our most valuable and most irreplacable resource. Some here have even expressed concern about vulnerability to violent crime while on the job. Don't you see that as a good reason to continue the company policy of not prohibiting employees who may legally do so from carrying a weapon while on the job to protect themselves against deadly attack?"

    If your boss asks who might be legally able to carry a weapon you might say that the State of MN considers that to be private information, but you understand that the requirments include passing a criminal background check, etc.

    Good Luck, whatever you decide to do.


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    My employees are welcome to carry in and out of the building but I don't allow them walk around all day packing their guns. It might upset our clients.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agrippakc View Post
    I work at a pawn shop, my ccw was what helped me get the job, lol. the guns to employee ratio in that place is mind boggling.
    Same applied at the gun shops the other day. 4 cops, 2 employees, 6 customers at the same time. Want to place a bet on how many of the 12 had loaded guns?

  10. Informing employer

    I live in riverside county California. The sherriff requires that you inform your employer and supplies a form they have to sign. My employer refused to sign the paper and has a no carry policy. I assumed i had no chance at getting a permit in this county as they are not handed out on a routine basis. I apealed to the folks in charge at the CCW unit and explained my situation that my employer would not sign or acknoledge my CCW persuit. After 9 months i got my permit for Kalifornia. I couldn't believe it.


  11. Informing employer, in re CA


    Congratulations on your CCW, also THANK YOU for leading the fight from the front! Hopefully your win will inspire others to keep on going with the permitting process. That law in particular is asinine since the employer should not be involved in the permitting process. At least you were allowed to counter argue (defend) on your behalf.


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