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    In general I do not recommend keeping a firearm for personal protection that requires the use of a safety, in other words single action only, and I do not recommend the use of a safety on a firearm that does not require it.

    The problem is that under stress there is too great a chance that the user will not take the safety off and will not realize why the firearm is not working if they notice that it is not firing at all. If you search on line you will find at least a couple of jewelry store holdups where that got the store owner shot.

    I run the NRA Personal Protection classes and I often get students who bring 1911 style pistols or others that have a safety they use. I have rarely had a student who did not try shooting with the safety on for at least one exercise. Usually for multiple of them.

    I recommend using a holster that covers the trigger guard and permits you to get your regular shooting grip on the pistol with it in the holster. It should also permit you to have your trigger finger on the holster where the firearm's frame or slide is. When you draw the pistol your finger should end up on the frame or slide and off the trigger.

    For those that carry a single action pistol or use the safety on some other pistol that is fine. I would just recommend practicing a LOT and make sure that EVERY time you pick up or draw the pistol you take the safety off. It needs to be an automatic part of that operation.

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    Round in the chamber

    I recommend keeping a round in the chamber of any firearm you are using for personal protection. Not only might you not have time to rack the slide you might need to use your other hand for something else. You could be using it to fend off a knife or blunt weapon attack. Getting your arm cut or broken would not be fun but it would be worth taking that damage to save your life while you get your pistol out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hp-hobo View Post
    This sounds like a typical anti-gun line of thinking rant to me. There are millions of handguns out there without manual safeties, yet there doesn't seem to be blood running in the streets (a phrase I'm sure you're familiar with) because of it.

    If for any reason you're uncomfortable with a non-manual safety firearm, great. Don't own one. But don't try to question the character of those of us who do.

    Maybe if you were properly trained in firearm safety, this wouldn't be such an issue for you.

    On topic: My wife has carried her LCP everyday for the last 3 (or is it 4?) years in an Uncle Mike's pocket holster, clipped into her bra, with one in the pipe. Somehow or another she's managed not to shoot herself or anyone else for that matter. When she gets home today I'll have to let her know that some internet busybody says she's immature and macho.
    I carry a Glock, it has THREE safeties and they work fine enough for me so that I carry a round in the chamber. Oh yeah and it's a stinkin hollow point too.

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    I carry my lcp with one in the pipe. It's in a holster that covers the trigger while in my front pocket. This pistol will not shoot if you "Keep your booger-hook off the bang stick!"

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    I carry a PM9, DA and no safety ... I would never carry for SD ANY gun without a round in the chamber ... have carried it for 7 years with no issues and I credit that to the long smooth trigger pull and daily practice drawing from pocket or holster, depending on how I'm wearing it ... practice, practice, practice ...
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  7. Red face Lcp .....chambered

    Quote Originally Posted by diannabill View Post
    ....except of course KEEPING YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER!

    What do you all think about keeping a bullet chambered while an LCP is in a pocket holster? My thinking is that since it's so small, it may be more difficult to unholster and keep your finger(s) away from the trigger while doing it.

    I'm going back and forth on this one - would appreciate your input. Thanks

    I would not even consider chambering a round in a LCP in my pocket. Pocket guns must have a safety.
    The LCP would not be my first choice for a .380 pocket pistol either. Racking a LCP is an easy task and can be done in a split second. Every gun you own should have a manual safety. Being trained to use the safety becomes second nature and is a feature that can save an injury or a life. The Ruger LCP is banned in California and does not pass their safety testing. Resale probably will be low in years to come as most plastic guns. If you want a mini .380 the Sig P238 is a much better choice. Get a safe gun and you will be glad you did. When it comes time to sell you just may make a profit.

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    I strongly disagree as I noted in my replies above. My wife has a Ruger LCP and it is a quality firearm. I generally purchase firearms to use, not for resale, and I do not live in CA nor do I think much of their gun laws.

    The Sig 238 is an excellent firearms and I own more than one Sig. However, it is not near as easy to conceal as the Ruger LCP, especially for a woman who wants on body carry and wears "fashionable" clothing.

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    I see no need for a safety on any modern double action handgun, which the LCP is. I haven't even seen a double action revolver with a safety, although there might be some out there, somewhere.
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  10. Well, have you put one in a pocket holster and tried drawing it? It's not like you're going to easily just slip into the trigger guard unless you're trying (or have a holster which encourages such a position). I've carried one for a few years with one in and never given it a second thought.

    As for why manufacturers don't put a manual safety on many firearms? Because many people won't buy them...Glock, and many others, have demonstrated that safe firearms don't necessarily need a thumb-operated safety to be safe (single action only being an exception).

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    Having shot a LCP I do not see a need for a external safety. The long trigger pull is plenty of safety. My bodyguard .380 has an external safety that I never use because it is DA. If it goes off in my pocket it’s because God hates me.

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