Ruger LCP Has No Safety....
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Thread: Ruger LCP Has No Safety....

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    Ruger LCP Has No Safety....

    ....except of course KEEPING YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER!

    What do you all think about keeping a bullet chambered while an LCP is in a pocket holster? My thinking is that since it's so small, it may be more difficult to unholster and keep your finger(s) away from the trigger while doing it.

    I'm going back and forth on this one - would appreciate your input. Thanks

  3. Get a pocket holster with a trigger guard. Done.

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    I carry my LCP chambered in a DeSantis Gunhide pocket holster. It covers the trigger. Pulling the pistol is never a problem.
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  5. Interesting

    I am also an owner of the LCP as a small back-up. I carry with a round in the chamber because the instructor in my concealed carry class said that the chances of being provided the extra time to draw, then chamber, and then aim and pull the trigger would be rare and could cost your life in a drama that often unfolds in only a totality of a few seconds. I carry in a small synthetic IWB holster that completely covers the trigger to avoid accidental trigger pull, so for me it is practice, practice,practice, and more practice with an unloaded LCP to assure that my finger stays out of the trigger guard till drawn and ready.

  6. I don't have the LCP, but do have the Taurus TCP. Same thing as to safety. I carry in a DeSantis Superfly (or sometimes the Bulldog Pouch it came with), and I keep one chambered. So long as your holster covers the trigger, you shouldn't have any problem.

  7. Don't have an issue with mine either, with a Remora IWB, or my custom strong side leather one..
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    Firearm is small for a reason and no safety for a reason. Trigger pull is such that you easily, if you have any intelligence, be able to keep the firearm in a pocket holster or some other holster, not put your finger on the trigger when presenting the firearm, and never have anything close to a discharge. I have a Kel Tec P3AT and there is just no way I find it to be a problem. Not having a chambered cartridge for a close up type of firearm like this is akin to not having the firearm in the first place. Just sayin.

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    You asked for opinions, so here's mine...respectfully submitted.

    Handling a firearm is a huge responsibility, not only to yourself, but to others. To execute that responsibility, it is absolutely necessary to be fully trained. Part of that training is the number one rule of gun safety...Never place your finger in the trigger guard until you're ready to fire.

    Now, at first glance that may be obvious. However, those of us who have sent thousands of rounds down range do it instinctively because of our training and discipline. If you've yet to become sufficiently trained in the general handling of firearms, you should not consider carrying a or no safety.

    I've carried for over twenty five years and only recently bought my first LCP for a BUG. My Uncle George holster arrived last week and I've begun the process of learning to withdraw it without placing my finger in the trigger guard. I carry it (unloaded) around in my pocket all day long in the house to become accustomed to the feel. Frequent short sessions of carefully withdrawing the weapon are becoming natural, but I won't consider carrying it until I am confident that my process is completely safe.

    There is no excuse for failing to train with any new equipment. Thankfully, those of us who carry are willing to train, train, train...with any weapon/holster combination.

    If you're not going to carry with a round chambered, you might as well carry a whistle.

    My $0.02.

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    I believe you would really have to try hard to shoot yourself with your LCP in your pocket. The trigger pull on that is so long, it would be an effort.

    I shot one of the new LC9's yesterday and the pull is almost as long as the LCP but at least the trigger is smoother (actually trigger, not pull). It's a little easier to shoot but still has that long trigger pull, and could be concealed almost as easy as the LCP. Nice thing, the slide does lock open after the last shot.

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    Doesn't the LC9 have a manual safety?

    Yes, training is the key, but people who think they can ignore risk because they have been highly trained are the ones most likely to suffer from a mistake.

    It seems to me that the only reason for a pistol not to have a manual safety is either to save manufacturing expense or for marketing to the macho.

    All the cowboys who imagine themselves being in a quick draw shootout at high noon can just leave than manual safety off. If their friends make fun of them for having a pistol with a manual safety they should be mature enough to know they need to get some new friends.

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