What occurs when a concealed gun is accidentally seen?
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Thread: What occurs when a concealed gun is accidentally seen?

  1. Question What occurs when a concealed gun is accidentally seen?

    I am wondering what the major problem is if a concealed gun is accidentally seen? If one has a CCW permit, and it is seen because of a shirt fly up, or some other reason, not on purpose like exposing it to make a point or something like that, what problem does that cause?
    If you have a permit to carry it concealed and it can be carried that way, what is the problem? If there is a problem, what is it? What are the liability issues as far as what problems it causes for the carrier? I just do not understand how this happening can cause an issue, if it is accidental.

  3. I don't know if this is actually the case, but here in DFW a couple weeks back there was some news story about a "man with a gun" call placed from some public building. The cops arrived and evacuated/searched/brought in SWAT, but nothing and no one was ever found... only thing I can figure is someone saw a CHL'er who wasn't concealing great, panicked, and by the time the cops showed up the CHL'er had either moved on or covered up his gun...

    Not to say that that always happens - I've more than once realized my shirt had ridden up in a public place and thought back to how long it had been uncovered and realized that a good number of people had the opportunity to see it and didn't...

  4. Thanks, I was wondering what any legal problems were. Was not clear when I posted my question. Was wondering what trouble could be had if this happened.

  5. Ah, that would vary based on where you are. Some places require some kind of intent for it to be considered brandishing, others if it shows even a little accidental like it can be a crime. What the penalty is also varies by location.

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    In the shitehole that is liberal MA... They run screaming, wet their pants, and dial 911 while yelling frantically "he's got a gun"!!! 4King silly...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    I CC underneath my top hat so this has never been an issue for me.

  8. Unhappy

    So that must explain your weapon and hat size. LOL, it was a real question, not a joke question! I may have asked a simple question, but have been shooting for over 55 years, and do not make small talk on ligit questions. And, will not.

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    In SC, you would be arrested for "brandishing". Concealed is concealed. Only the dopes would call for "a man with a gun" unless he were a LEO.

  10. In FL you would be charged with brandishing, if the person that reported you claimed they felt threatened or in imediate danger. We currently have a bill proposed in the Senate that would correct this and allow for open carry by those who hold CCW permits. The bill also allows CCW permit holders to carry on public college and university campuses and that has turned into a crap storm haha.

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    like the man said.... this all depends on where you live...

    Here in Georgia, your GWL allows BOTH open and concealed carry (nope... there is no separate CC license) so the reality is that it your choice and although it may freak out 1-2 folks... it's NOT illegal

    Just add it to list of reasons I love livin' in Georgia
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