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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    I'm sorry... I didn't mean to cause anyone any extra trouble! :-)
    Actually looking back at this thread, I see that it has some historical significance here on USA Carry. This is the thread where I coined the term, "Neck Chain CCW Badge Holder Thingie" a very "tactical" term.

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    It is my understanding here in Minnesota that you can legally carry past those signs... If the private establishment's owner asks or demands that you take it out then you have to, but if you refuse then you get a $25 fine for the first offense... After that the punishment gets progressively sever... 2nd offense is suspension of your CCW for 30 days... Then you can get it back at the Shriff's discretion... 3rd offense is revocation... Keep it well concealed and there's no problem

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    In NC, the "ban" on CC must be clearly posted. (I DO see a sign here and there so stating.)

    On the other hand, since the weapon is concealed and most areas haven't gotten to the level of TSA screening (yet), who is to know? BUT..... if you happen to get caught out.... it is a violation of the Law and you can lose your permit. (Next question.... is it worth it?)

    Ya pays your money and takes your chances!

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
    Which part of "... shall NOT be infringed..." confuses you?
    Well now, aren't WE a pair, Raggedy Man? (Thunderdome)

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