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  1. Question visit from non-permissive to permissive

    I’m new to CC and would like your input. I live in a non-permissive state. Our families live throughout a state, starting less than three miles away, that recognizes my non-resistant Fla CCW. Naturally, I would like the security when visiting for dinners, birthdays and the like.

    I thought about traveling with it properly secured in the truck and once cross the line find a place to subtle access it and reverse the procure on the way home– but this doesn’t sound seem good at all.

    Perhaps I could travel with it secured until I reached a relatives home and a bathroom and then have to reverse the procedure to drive home – this too doesn’t seem too good either L although this is all I could come up with…. other than just leaving it at home.

    Anybody have a similar situation? How do you handle it? Thanks for you time and thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Assault Manager View Post
    I would like the security when visiting for dinners, birthdays and the like.
    I'd probably avoid the hassle by not visiting, and I'd also look for more stable relatives.

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    When I lived in Florida with a resident permit, I often visited my daughter who lives in Columbia, SC. South Carolina does not (at least at the time) recognize the Florida permit, but Georgia does.

    As I traveled up I-95 through Florida and Georgia, I carried my pistol. However, as I approached the SC state line, I simply unloaded and secured the weapon to continue my visit...reversing the process when heading back home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nogods View Post
    I'd probably avoid the hassle by not visiting, and I'd also look for more stable relatives.
    For me, I feel carry is something that should enhance ones freedom and mobility rather than limit it. Also, I have yet to develop the ability to predict when a crisis will occur. Perhaps, on the drive to relatives home or stopping for gas or the store to pick up ice or entering or exiting my car or their home or maybe some relation does surprise me when they've had too much to drink or perhaps they have other "friends" they invited over.

    To me to carry is to be prepared as much as possible, as often as possible and not pick, chose and speculate when the unexpected may happen. Hey, just my opinion and I'll agree not a very popular one.

  6. When I lived in Michigan, I would visit relatives in Virginia once or twice a year. I always carry while on road trips, there are too many trasitional areas involved for me to feel comfortable unarmed. While traveling I would carry my XD40 Subcompact in an On Waistband pancake style holster.

    At the time Ohio still had the provision in the law requiring "plain sight" carry in a vehicle and an In Waistband holster did not fit their definition. I would also have to stop in Breezewood, PA which is where I would eat, fuel and disarm as I would next be traveling through a narrow spit of Maryland. The total amount of time I would spend in Maryland was less than 10 min but I would still disarm in PA. I kept my pistol, unloaded in a locked box in the trunk of my car IAW federal law. Normally I would keep my holster on my waist rather than get rid of it entirely.

    Once I entered Virginia (normally Winchester, VA) I would stop and return my pistol to its holster.

    There are some who might advocate taking off the holster as it may invite questions. Either way you decide you should make sure that you are comfortable with the decision and that it is entirely legal. I know of no law which prohibits wearing an empty holster. However being spotted by an officer who stops you wearing a holster will give them probable cause to search your vehicle. Which may result in your gun being confiscated and could result in charges. Unjust charges which could very well be dropped but getting your gun back might be very difficult.

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    If you are truly concerned about violence in your family I would suggest that you avoid those individuals. If the problems only occur with the consumption of alcohol then perhaps quietly leaving after the drinking starts might be enough. If you are worried enough to put on a gun after you enter a family members home you are probably in the wrong place. When you wear a gun you have a responsibility to avoid trouble if at all possible. I applaud your getting your permit and your concern to not break any laws. Make sure of the laws in each State in which you carry. In my home State for example I may not legally carry in a private home without the knowledge and consent of at least one adult resident of that home. If that law exists where your relatives live do you really want to tell them that you are packing? This would probably not improve the situation.
    You have decided that you are safer with a gun. I have made the same decision. You need to practice shooting and study defensive tactics so that you can survive should the day ever comes when the gun is the only option. Remember that the easiest way to survive an altercation is to avoid it.
    Once you have survived the altercation you then need to survive the legal system. This starts by knowing the laws wherever you carry. If you ever have to draw your gun be the first to call the cops. Point out any evidence then shut up till you see your attorney.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nogods View Post
    I'd probably avoid the hassle by not visiting, and I'd also look for more stable relatives.
    I never knew there were stores where you could buy new relatives. Isn't that called human trafficing anyway?!?

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