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    Coronado Leather makes some nice concealment vests.

  3. Summer Concealed Carry

    As usual, I can count on this board to load me up with both technical, and insightful answers to my questions. USACARRY ROCKS!

    I have been using the tucked t-shirt w/ a Columbia Khaki over so far and it works great. And that seems to the practical option of choice here. Like most men, I'm not overly fashion conscious and prefer a neat and clean look. Especially when I am out with my lady. Can't be sloppy with her because she looks great wearing just about anything....

    Thanks again and Carry On!

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    For casual wear in summer you can't beat a Hawaiian shirt. Whoever invented them must have been a concealed carrier. They look natural untucked and you can hide a howitzer under there. I purposely buy them one size larger because they look natural baggy too, and I can conceal better that way.

    I also buy tall size t shirts and polo shirts for wearing untucked. I have to buy those online because everything decent I find in the big and tall shops around here is for big, not tall, and I'm not fat, at least not yet. Here are a few of my sources:

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    I use four Crossbreed Supertuck holsters with four different guns, depending mostly on the weather and the lightness of the clothing. The Supertuck allows me to tuck the polo shirts in if I want but I prefer not to do that in warm weather because despite what the advertisements say, I think the bulge of a gun on my hip is at least somewhat noticeable.

    I also have a SmartCarry holster for my Ruger SP101. Concealment with that is simply outstanding and I can wear whatever I want, but access is difficult and slow.
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  5. Occasionally, I wear an underarmour t-shirt with my cover vest or an untucked, unbuttoned square tailed shirt. I haven't noticed anyone looking at me like I'm a freak. I'm trying to get away from the manypockets vest since I was told that's what the parole and probation officers are wearing now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Odessa_Prime View Post
    I carry a Springfield 40 XD Compact w/ a paddle holster. In cooler temps that's no problem.

    But summers in the Lowcountry can be brutal so my question is, do you ware a light jacket or wind breaker, something like that or do you have a summer weapon / holster system?

    I used to travel internationally and spent many hours amongst the locals. As an American I was always at some risk, so regardless of the temps, I always wore a thin wind breaker zipped up a few inches. That way no one really knew whether I was armed or not. I never had a single problem even on the streets of the poorest areas on South America.

    I'm 6'3" and weighed in at 190 lbs back then so that might have been a factor.
    It gets brutal in the PeeDee to buddy!

    I just be jellin' in my CBST "Deluxe" and light shirt.

    I highly recommend it for the HOT South Carolina sun! (Or anywhere else for that matter)

    You may even get lucky and find one HERE:

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    • I NEVER wear untucked shirts.
    • I don't wear extra cover garments when the temperature doesn't demand them. They look odd and unnatural on me.

    That generally rules out outside the waistband carry for me.

    In warm weather I either use:
    1. Full sized auto or revolver in an inside the waistband holster. I started with Don Hume 715Ms, then switched to my own handmade tuckable IWBs. The Humes are passably tuckable although not so designed. My holsters are purpose built tuckables and work very well under a tucked polo shirt, my usual summer wear.
    2. S&W Model 36 in a pocket holster. I started with a DeSantis Nemesis and switched to my own leather pocket holster which does a much better job of concealing the outline of my revolver.

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    Shorts, IWB holster, company T-shirt atleast one size larger. Heck I wear that most times in the winter too. Humidity in the swamp = 90% or more. Humidity was 96% at 0830 today. Now only 51%.

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