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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakeland Man View Post
    Yes, in essence, you did.

    Requiring basic gun safety training is just smart. No, you won't get ALL of them to follow it. However, just because SOME won't doesn't mean that training isn't worthwhile.

    Requiring training before allowing someone to purchase and/or carry a firearm
    is communist? You're an idiot if you really think that. Do you have any real idea what communism is really about? It has nothing to do with safety for the citizenry, but everything to do with enriching the state.

    Florida could easily require that any state wanting reciprocity with FL also have a training requirement.
    It boggles my mind how someone can be so against something as sensible as training.

    I'm tired of dealing with closed minded people. I'm done with this discussion.
    So now you wish to impose training on people before they can even use their second Amandment rights of firearm ownership! WOW!

    They could but then they would lose the states that honor FL permits. I can tell you right now the law makers in NH. Would never go for something like that! They would never allow another state to tell them how to deal with firearn ownership in our state. Hell NH is moving towards becoming a Constitutional carry state.

    Every person should be entitled to being allowed to defend themselfs! Who would pay for this mandated training? Be a cold day in hell before I ever pay to use one of my rights!

    Even police officers with months/years of firearm training FAIL to follow the basics. Why did all that training fail to stop them from a BASIC SNFU?

    A few that come to mind,DEA agent in school class room fails to SAFETY CHECK firearm,fails to leave finger off trigger,shoots him self in the leg. Officers failing to keep fingers off the trigger causing a ND in public. Sweeping fellow officers with loaded firearms etc...............

    Hell we had a officer in NH who failed to safety check and clear his firearm before training. Ended up shooting one of his fellow officers in the chest.

    How did all this training from the quote on quote professional's at the academy fail all of those officers? How did all the advaced training fail them?

    Good god if our public servants cant even be entrusted to follow the basics in firearm safety. What hope is there for the rest of us?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakeland Man View Post
    I read, in another thread, the "polite and civil discussion" about common sense equaling reasonable regulation, etc.

    My opinion on it is this. I think it is reasonable and prudent to expect a potential CCW holder to have at least a minimum of knowledge on how to handle their firearm and the laws surrounding its use. Training is NEVER wasted, if it is good training. I have personally known several people who shouldn't even be in the same county as a firearm, let alone be allowed to carry one. (because they're dumber than rocks)

    I have worked as a LEO and I've seen many people who have legally carried a firearm and they've been careless or ignorant about that very grave responsibility.

    Years before, I worked at a gun shop/public shooting range. I witnessed customers bringing their guns into the range and watched them shoot holes in partitions, ceilings, and floors because they were completely clueless about how their new weapon worked. In every case, I exercised my right as the range master and took the firearm away from them and suggested (in the strongest possible terms, and with a minimum of profanity) that they take a course and learn which end the lead comes out before returning to MY range.

    I know some of the poster here will state their position that there shouldn't be ANY requirement that someone be trained or regulated in order to carry a firearm. That is their position and I respect that. I just happen to disagree with them. As I said, training is never a bad idea.

    Ready on the right?
    Ready on the left?
    Ready on the line?
    The flag is up, commence firing!
    I agree that everyone should get training...Im just not sure I agree that training should be required before I am allowed to exercise my rights to defend myself.
    Im open for discussion on that point.

    That said, I know that MANY CCW'ers are oblivious to the laws pertaining to carrying and using lethal force.

    In Ohio the law states VERY clearly that if you use lethal force that you CANNOT have caused the situation, and that you CANNOT be the initial aggressor.
    I just got done with a 2 week 'debate' with these idiots here in town who kept trying to basically say that they could literally assault someone physically, then if that person had a CCW license and drew on them, that they now had right to self defense and could shoot the person they just assaulted.
    Thats the REASON that sort of requirement keep us from STARTING a fight then finishing it with our guns.
    Drug dealers would LOVE to be able to punch someone to get them to draw a gun so they could LEGALLY blow them away and get away with it.
    But the law doesnt work like that here...and shouldnt anywhere.
    We cant be allowed to carry a gun and go around STARTING confrontations so we can end it with our weapon.
    But these idiots here in town actually believed the law said they could even though I presented the law pretty clearly.

    Another case is a friend who is a bounty hunter and does a lot of security work as well.
    We went out to eat and afterward we're checking out his gun in the parking lot (its an open carry state).
    He tosses it back into his passenger seat and as we're about to end the day I ask him if hes going to put that in a holster or the glove box.
    Nope....he says its legal to carry it out on the seat because they had passed the law here about having to carry the gun in a holster on your body or in a closed box, case, etc.

    Uh, no they didnt...we're still waiting for that to pass even as I write this.
    He insists that he could leave the gun in his seat and knew the law.
    Okee dokee then.

    Ive seen far too many instances where CCW'ers DONT know the laws even remotely as well as they should.
    I try to understand them as well as I can so I dont break them and if I have to use my gun have the law on MY side, which we all should be making sure of so we dont end up facing a murder charge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruger357SP101 View Post
    I just got done with a 2 week 'debate' with these idiots here in town who kept trying to basically say that they could literally assault someone physically, then if that person had a CCW license and drew on them, that they now had right to self defense and could shoot the person they just assaulted.
    You must have been debating some of the people on this site. There are an unfortunate few here who seem to want to go out and escalate a situation just so they can draw and possibly even use their gun. Go look through some of the posts in the thread "My First Scary Experience" and you'll see what I mean. These individuals show their true colors on other threads as well. It's that sort of rampant irresponsibility that makes the rest of us look bad while giving ample fodder to the anti-gunners.
    (Insert random tough-guy quote here)
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