Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit - Resident/Non-Resident Reciprocity
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Thread: Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit - Resident/Non-Resident Reciprocity

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    Question Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit - Resident/Non-Resident Reciprocity

    I email AZ CWP DEPT for a friend of mine to get a application for a non-resident for him. They replied and said we only have one permit - we do not differentiate between resident and non-resident. My question is, on the carry maps should'nt the reciprocity be the same for the resident and non-resident since they do not differentiate between resident and non-resident?

    Concealed Weapons Reciprocal and Recognition Agreements - Arizona Department of Public Safety
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    Not sure I understand your question... Colorado (and possibly other states) does not recognize a permit issued to a non-resident of a state. The fact that Arizona does not designate a permit as non-resident is not relevant. If your friend gets an Arizona permit, Colorado will not recognize it.

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    reb55 is correct. Arizona may not distinguish resident/non-resident but states that only allows residents with permits carry in their state will still distinguish.

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    If you look at this map


    The AZ permit is good in all of the blue states.
    If the holder is an AZ resident, then also add the yellow states.
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  6. Posting this on 6 different forums won't change the answer... if you don't have a Arizona Driver's License, it's a non-resident permit.

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    Arizona and Reciprocity

    Arizona may not differentiate between resident and non-resident permits, but other states do. Since ccw/cpl is regulated on a state-by-state basis, each state can determine the level of reciprocity it will honor.

    It's a mess, and certainly not ideal. Unless a nationwide Constitutional Carry law is enacted, that's what we have to live with, however.

    Be thankful you don't live in the People's Republik of Kalifornia, where it's nearly impossible to get a permit in most counties.

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