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    Can I Carry?

    Just moved to Erie PA from South Carolina. I am now a permit resident of Pennsylvania Iím in the process of getting my PA drivers license and motor registration. Have not applied yet for my PA concealed carry license but I do have a New Hampshire non resident concealed carry permit. Iím I legal to carry in PA with my non resident NH permit even if I do not have a resident PA permit?
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  3. Pennsylvania honors non-resident permits, and New Hampshire is one of the states they honor. You're good to go.

  4. New Resident

    Your NH permit is probably legal in PA per the Reciprocity Agreement


    Since you are no longer a Resident of NH your NH permit may not be valid anywhere. I just don't know Anything about the NH Law or the PA Law in this instance.

    Also keep in mind that PA Firearms Laws are Vague and all the DAs are Liberal Anti-Gun Democrats.

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    Getting a Pennsylvania Permit should be quick and easy. Like New Hampshire, Pennsylvania has no training requirements. You will have to get an Arizona, Florida, or Utah permit of you choose to carry concealed west into Ohio. The only border state that is covered under the PA permit is West Virginia. I'm being pessimistic, but if you New Hampshire permit has an old address, you may get questioned on that, short of getting an updated change of address permit from New Hampshire. In reality you should be legal as it's just a change of address. The problem is that sometimes one's knowledge of firearms and carrying exceeds that of law enforcement!

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    Exactly what Midnight said!

    Your NH is good to go, it doesn't matter if it has your old address. I carried on my FL while I waited for my PA license. Enjoy!!

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