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    Nothing at all against the 1911 platform as my son has a RI and it is a great weapon. Actually when you consider price,ease of use,ease of cleaning,capacity,weight of carrying. I think Glock or Springfield XD or XDM are just as good. I mean after all the 1911 has been around for a long long time and I believe that goes to prove it is a very good weapon. But to say it is better than others well thats just a state of denial. I don't care what you carry just find a gun you like and can afford and become proficient with it and carry it.

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    I had the opportunity to shoot the 1911 last week. It was a very good experience. The trigger action was very fast and the feel of the gun was very comfortable. It took a few rounds to get used to it. Presently I have a Sig 226r. My next gun will be A Sig 239. If I had the money I would definately consider a 1911. The only suggestion I have is before you buy your weapon make sure you like it and it feels comfortable. It is a mjor decision because if you do not like it, you will not use it and then you will be stuck with it. If in fact you do not use it you will be simply throughing the money away. I did this myself. I bought a Barretta and I hated it. I sold it for $300 dollars. I paid close to a $1,000. That was a real waste. I then bought my Sig Sauer 226R. It is the difference between night and day. I suggest that you look at some of the reviews that Nutnfancy made on you tube. The ones on the 1911 are very good and on the other hand he reviews other guns as well. Try a few guns out if you can. Some ranges rent guns to shooters. Enjoy your new gun and I hope you are happy with it. I find shooting very enjoyable and I am sure you will to. It is also a great means of self defense!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by walt629 View Post
    must be a pretty good pistol for the reasons stated here PLUS Utah has declared it to be the State Gun!

    Seems Mr. Browning had some ties to Utah.
    I love my Brownings but recently I'm not exactly feeling the love for state he lived in.


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