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For that price I would steer you towards the Ruger SR9. 4 inch barrel, super slim, 17 rnd cap. I have shot it and it was smooth. There negetive reports when they first came out but from what I understand Ruger has worked out the kinks.
I carry an SR9 and it's not THAT bad to conceal but I'm still looking or something smaller. The barrell and grip are a bit longer than most other comparable pistols (Glocks and Springfields etc); I didn't think it would make that much of a difference but it does in some circumstances. I LOVE how slender it is though, if it weren't for that I don't know if I would be able to conceal it well at all. The store I bought my SR9 from started carrying the
SR9c shortly after I bought my SR9 and I'm wishing I would have waited for the SR9c. After my experience with the full size I think the compact would likely disapear much better.

Everything you said about shooting it was spot on though, I LOVE shooting it. I had a few failures the very first time I shot it but it was my first handgun and no one told me your'e supposed to oil it before you shoot it for the first time. I've kept it oiled since then and had zero problems even shooting hollowpoints.

(disclaimer: some of my difficulty is due to how I attempt to carry and how I dress. I don't really have the option to re-do my wardrobe to dress around the gun. I'm not even buying a size larger in my jeans; I'm doing that the hard way = diet)