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Thread: Ignoring Gun Buster signage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trailboss View Post
    I carry cards with me so when I come across a business with a no-gun sign I give one to the owner/manager.

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    The OP started this thread for NO other reason but, to TROLL!

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    We've been round and round this topic in other threads before. You know that I disagree with those who ignore the signs. I am a strong proponent of 2A rights, but I am also a strong proponent of property owners right.

    Aexanda45, you are mistaken about the distinction between business property and private property. Business property is property that has been zoned to allow a commercial business to operate on it. However, it is still private property. I know this from my experiences when I was the director of security at a northern Virginia mall. The property owner can still make restrictions upon their property as long as they don't discriminate against a PROTECTED class of people. (i.e. black, gay, female, aged, etc...)

    As we all know from the governments attacks on our gun rights, we are not protected in the eyes of the government. At least not yet.

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    I taught my children to have self-respect and integrity by respecting other's property. If Mr. Crabapple tells you to stay off his lawn, then stay off his lawn. If someone asks you to take off your shoes before entering their house, then take off your shoes. If a store says "no shirt no service" then either put on a shirt or don't go into the store.

    I'd wouldn't expect anything less from an adult.

  6. Not much support for Ruger....

    If I need an item and there is a store that has that item on sale, cheaper than anywhere else. And that store has a sign on the door banning firearms. That sign has no legal weight in Washington - it is not illegal to carry past the sign (except for gov't buildings, schools, etc.)

    So, I cover up my gun and go in and buy what I want and leave.

    Let me ask..... who loses in this situation?

    1. I got the item I need for the lowest price.
    2. The shop owner got my business.
    3. Nobody gives a rat's behind about my gun they can't see.
    4. I am not doing anything illegal or that destroys property or harms anyone in any way (unless a criminal should just happen to attempt an armed robbery while I am there.)

    Sure, there are some that will say I am supporting their no gun policy by shopping there anyway... and that is a consideration. But in these economic times, quite frankly, we need all the private enterprise we can get, and I weigh the benefit to my economic situation.

    Also, there are simply some venues of entertainment that are going to be 99% always firearms banned. So, do I deny my family the opportunity to engage in those entertainment venues because they have a gun buster sign up for insurance reasons? Do I let them or myself go unarmed simply because of a meaningless sign?

    Here's one perspective - I emailed the management of a local shopping mall and asked about their firearms policy. Their head of security emailed me back. He said, yes, of course we have the sign. He admitted it was a "feel good" measure and to satisfy the insurance company. He also said he fully realized the sign or the policy protected nobody and would do nothing to prevent a criminal act. He also stated that to him and his security personnel concealed meant concealed and if they didn't see it then there was no issue and that he fully understood the self protection issue and, in fact, wished that more people did fulfil their responsibility to provide for their own protection. He said off the clock he carried his own gun past the signs.
    Anyone who says, "I support the 2nd amendment, BUT"... doesn't. Element of Surprise: a mythical element that many believe has the same affect upon criminals that Kryptonite has upon Superman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    The OP started this thread for NO other reason but, to TROLL!
    Troll! Troll!

    While you are at it why not throw in "anti-gun" and "brady bunch" and "commie" and "nazi" and "socialists" and "he started this thread to force obamacare on us"

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    Quote Originally Posted by nogods View Post
    Troll! Troll!

    While you are at it why not throw in "anti-gun" and "brady bunch" and "commie" and "nazi" and "socialists" and "he started this thread to force obamacare on us"
    nogods, I agree with your stance on this issue, but statements like that don't help our argument. In all reality, it was probably done to troll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hubs View Post
    Are you talking about legal signs or a scrawled, handwritten sign? It makes a huge difference....
    Here where I live its one and the same.

    That is irrelevant however.
    'Legal' or not...whether a person lawfully must obey it or not....the issue is the property owner or the person leasing it has said to keep guns out of this Private property.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasper View Post
    If you are not breaking state law by ignoring the GB sign then what is the harm? for no law is being broken and they have the right to tell you to leave the building. So you need to clarify exactly what it is you are having a problem with as the post above mine says "Are you talking about legal signs or a scrawled, handwritten sign? It makes a huge difference...."
    So its just as I said.
    Some will only obey just enough to keep from going to jail....to hell with the rights of private property owners

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    Quote Originally Posted by mg1cigar View Post
    I agree and disagree with you Ruger, and I completely understand your point.
    HUBS, makes a good point, define signage. I think the only legal NGA signs I've seen are on G'vmt and ABC stores. I discount static signage with a gun in a circle with a slash through it.
    Yes, we should obey the laws to keep our privilege to carry a concealed weapon, which I might add is unfortunate, the unfortunate word is "privilege". But, what about OUR rights, the right to bear arms, OUR Second Amendment Right as US citizens? Who gives the right to a store owner to privately take OUR RIGHT away from us? I want as many educated people carrying as possible. Go yell at the idiot CCW who drinks and carries.
    I want to know who gives that store owner that right!
    Listen, I've held two CCW's, one in NYS, and now in NC, and I will nit do anything that will jeopardize my right to carry, yes I listen to those dopey signs. As much as I hate it I will not carry where itis not permitted.
    In saying all this, we have to protect our rights as educated by law to carry a concealed weapon
    Ok...but cant you just find another store that doesnt have a sign and doesnt care if you CCW on their property?
    Why are OUR rights sacred, yet someone elses irrelevant?

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