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Thread: Ignoring Gun Buster signage.

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    Kickin a dead horse now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakeland Man View Post
    Its a common misconception that a business is public property. But the reality is that it is still privately owned so it is private property.

    Public property can also be divided up into categories (i.e. parks, public areas, military installations, etc) but in the eyes of the law, it is still public.
    Where, in ANY of my posts have I said that Business property was Public property?

    I'll give you a hint: NOWHERE!!!!!!!!

    You are confusing the concept of "inviting the public into/onto" with the concept of "ownership"

    The same rights the people have while they are out there walking along the sidewalk on "public" property is the same rights they have when YOU, as a business owner invite them into/onto YOUR property....

    Another poster said this in this thread:

    Your "rule" isn't a right. Property rights are defined as the free possession and use of property without interference. By carrying my sidearm into a business, I am not denying them the possession or use, nor am I interfering with other customers being there. However, by attempting to request that I not bring a sidearm in (and it is a request), they are interfering with my property rights.
    That statement put it much clearer than I have ever been able to......

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    We do not allow pissing on the forums. You and the others involved have all been warned. Next report will get you a temporary ban. Everyone had their own opinions but we don't need that to turn into pissing matches on the forums.

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