Sig C3 or Sig RCS two tone
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Thread: Sig C3 or Sig RCS two tone

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    Sig C3 or Sig RCS two tone

    Hey folks,
    Been lurking in the background and learning a lot from reading old posts. A great forum and some great contributors to discussions.

    I need help deciding between the Sig C3 and the Sig RCS two tone. This pistol will be for EDC. The dealer I am buying through only has a $100 difference between the two. As far as I can tell, the only difference between the two is the RCS has been dehorned (believe thats the term) and may have different sights. In researching the two, I have seen some comments about problems with the RCS, but they look to be essentially the same gun to me.

    Thanks, Paul

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    Was originally looking at a Kimber CDP II but price and availability got me looking elsewhere. Also considered STI Guardian and Smith and Wesson
    SW1911ES. Settled on the two Sigs as best options for me.

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