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Thread: Utah restricts CCW permits

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    Is there any official announcement of this? I can't find anything on the Utah Gov's site or the BCI site. Same with NRA-ILA, seems like they would be all over this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eli View Post
    Disclaimer: The author only offers his limited understanding of these events. Always consult an attorney for clarification of the ever changing CCW laws.

    Think I'll ask for a second opinion or change attorneys before jumping on my soapbox again:(

    Hey Eli - At least you got me thinking! Although I could have done without having to read several versions of that confusing bill! And when I called Utah this morning, I was told the phone was ringing off the hook with questions about the bill's intent.

    Anyway - I called the Utah concealed licensing department today for clarification, and was told that everyone can still get a Utah permit. The only stipulation is that if you're in a state that honors the Utah permit, you have to get your state's CCL prior to applying for, or renewing, your Utah permit. If your state doesn't honor Utah, then no problem. So life's good!

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